Beverley Park and Ride Proposal Rejected By Conservative Councillors

Beverley Park and Ride Proposal Rejected By Conservative Councillors
Beverley Park and Ride Proposal Rejected By Conservative Councillors

Hopes of achieving an early end to the problem of commuter parking in Beverley have been dealt a blow.

This is as a result of the ruling Conservative group rejecting a proposal from St Mary’s Ward councillors.

They wanted to bring forward the plans to build a Park and Ride on the Minster Way southern relief road.

Cllr Healy said that all three of the Conservative Councillors who represent residents in Minster and spoke against the proposal.

He also added that a recorded vote was held.  In that vote, Cllr Kerri Harold, Cllr Paul Nickerson and Cllr David Elvidge voted against their proposal. 

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Denis Healy said;

“Plans for a Park and Ride off Minster Way have already been passed. The costs will be picked up by the developers who are building the new houses to the south of Beverley.”

“However, the developers have said that work won’t begin until they have sold hundreds of houses, and that will take years.”

“In the meantime, Beverley’s parking problems will get worse.”

“We asked the Council to bring forward some spending from future reserves, which will be fully reimbursed by developers later on. However, the ruling Conservative group has rejected our proposals.”

Local Authority Choosing CPZ Over Beverley Park and Ride

While the council shows more dither and delay in building the Beverley Parking Ride it is residents who are being left to foot the bill. Many are now being forced to pay to park on their own streets.

Cllr Healy added;

“They are preferring to extend the Controlled Parking Zones rather than try and tackle the root cause of Beverley’s parking problems. They should be enabling commuters to park outside the town and travel in by bus.”

“It is disappointing that residents aren’t being put first by the Council leadership.”

“We will continue to listen to residents and campaign for things that matter to them. This includes things like the Park and Ride.”

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