The Most Common Aphrodisiacs To Find In Beverley

The Most Common Aphrodisiacs To Find In Beverley
The Most Common Aphrodisiacs To Find In Beverley

How happy are you with your sex life? Whether you are married, in a relationship or just looking to have fun, you would want to be good in bed. Here is the thing – it’s not as easy as it sounds. And yet it remains one of the lesser topics discussed.

Did you know that up to 30% and 40% of men and women (respectively) report suffering from a type of sexual dysfunction. And if you look through our history, humans have been trying to find the solution to sex pretty much since they learned how to find things.

From the ancient fertility deities and rituals to our current lab research, we’ve always looked for how to boost our libidos and make “things” more interesting.

Enter aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite: an often hotly debated topic, but one of the most famous ones.

Why would you use aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are commonly seen as a treatment for sexual issues, and therefore, many people simply skip them because “they don’t need them” or because they’re somewhat afraid that people might think something is wrong because they’re buying one.

Nevertheless, aphrodisiacs go way beyond that.

Aphrodisiacs are sexual stimulants, and their effects go from treating sexual dysfunction all the way to increasing desire, performance, and even the pleasure of having sex and orgasming.

Therefore, aphrodisiacs aren’t just for those with “issues”. They’re for you if you want to boost your arousal and sex life; that means people with dysfunction as much as it means people who want to get the most out of their relationships.

The most famous aphrodisiacs (that actually work)

There are countless aphrodisiacs out there, at least according to magazines and people in general. However, not all products work as you might think. This is especially true for natural solutions.

People often want to believe that everything is better when it’s natural, and while that’s mostly true, it often leads them to create false expectations from certain things. That includes aphrodisiacs.

You’ve probably heard about chocolate or oysters being aphrodisiacs, but you shouldn’t believe anything just because the rest says it.

With that in mind, let’s go into the aphrodisiacs actually supported by science and research.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal remedies out there, and it’s pretty much a staple of alternative medicine, which has even made its way to the western side of things.

However, preliminary studies have shown that its benefits might extend to the bedroom, looking like a viable solution to erectile dysfunction. Studies on how it acts on women are sadly limited, but at least we know that red ginseng might work.

Red ginseng has shown that it can boost sex drive in women after going through menopause.

Even better, ginseng is safe to take, but you might want to slow down if you have sleeping issues since it may cause insomnia.

  • Maca

Also known as the Peruvian Viagra, this root vegetable has been used by people for hundreds of years to help with arousal and fertility. Today, it’s mostly offered either as powder or pill.

Recent studies have indicated that it may also improve sexual function in postmenopausal women and erectile dysfunction in men.

Researchers do admit that more studies are needed before establishing it as a reliable solution. However, maca is mostly considered as safe to consume, so at least you won’t see anything worsen from trying.

  • ArginMax

There’s somewhat of a consensus that vitamins rarely affect a person’s sexual function and performance significantly, but there seems to be one exception: the combined supplement ArginMax.

It’s a mix of vitamins A, B (the complex), C and E, as well as zinc and natural herbs like ginkgo, Damiana leaf, and even the aforementioned ginseng.

Smaller studies have shown that it has a noticeable effect on women’s arousal and satisfaction.

  • Spanish Fly Pro

The last one on the list is Spanish Fly Pro. It’s a natural, non-prescription dietary supplement that you can simply apply this Spanish fly to any beverage (try to avoid hot ones, though) and see significant changes within 10 or 15 minutes.

It’s 100% natural, and it’s aimed towards providing pleasure for couples, so both men and women can use it freely. It meets all the requirements established by the FDA, and it has zero side effects, even if you take it on a daily basis.

Not all “aphrodisiacs” do the trick! You need to know what you are going for. The one thing to note though is that you do not want to compromise on your health. So, don’t choose one that has any side effects. You would be better without it.


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