5 Topics We All Wish We Were Taught More About At School

5 Topics We All Wish We Were Taught More About At School
5 Topics We All Wish We Were Taught More About At School

Do you have fond memories of your school days? From childhood sweethearts to sporting achievements and lifelong friendships, much of what we remember has very little to do with our education itself.

Yet perhaps this is one reason why many don’t find the transition into adulthood all that easy…

From money to work and raising children, there are countless life skills we’re all expected to pick up as we go along. Here are the top five topics we all wish we were taught more about at school.

Money management

They say money makes the world go around – but it would have been great if they’d said it sooner. From saving to investing and the different types of finance, it’s a vast topic that controls many of the opportunities available to us and can be all too easy to get wrong.  

Thankfully some students are now learning about money management as more financial education schemes are introduced across the country. Will it stand future generations in better stead?

Building a career

Though perhaps not the case for everyone, practical careers advice was lacking for lots of people growing up. Many will have taken courses at college or university purely to stick with friends or delay getting a job, before realising too late they don’t have the right qualifications for what they want to do.

We spend the majority of our lives at work after all, so having more resources available at a young age could help people make better decisions and enjoy more prosperous lives.  

Physical wellbeing

Sure, we all took part in PE lessons and sports days. But from cooking healthy meals to getting regular health check-ups there’s so much more that goes into keeping our bodies running how they should be.

Childhood obesity among children aged 10 to 11 is currently at a record high, suggesting the need for better education on physical wellbeing has never been greater.  

Mental health

Research shows that approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem every year. Feelings of anxiety, depression and so on are all totally normal and public awareness is growing – but for many, they still come as a shock.

The teaching of the importance of mind-healthy habits such as exercise, sleep and moderation could help to give people the tools they need to cope.  

Maintaining relationships

Whether in our professional or personal lives, we all rely on those around us to some extent. Maintaining positive relationships can make us happier, help us feel secure and give our lives meaning.

Training in communication and emotional intelligence could come in handy at any age, but habits are most easily formed when we’re young.

What do you wish you were taught more about at school?

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