Brexit Party Candidate Craig Linsner Among Those Standing Aside

Brexit Party Candidate Craig Linsner Among Those Standing Aside
Candidate Among Those Standing Aside

Candidate is amoung 317 across the UK who are being stood down ahead of the 2019 General Election.

Mr Linster who was the candidate for Beverley and Holderness says he was disappointed. However, he also says he understands why the decision has been made.

Mr Linsner was confirmed as their Parliamentary Candidate for election just a few weeks ago. The party say support for them in the area has been very positive with many pledging them their support.

News today that the leader of the party, Nigel Farage is standing down candidates will be welcomed by .

The Tories say they are ‘committed to Brexit’ despite failing to deliver on the referendum. Prime Minister has already failed to deliver on his ‘do or die’ promise.

Now it would seem they are turning the to help them out of the pickle they are in. By Farage standing down his candidates, he hopes it will help the Tories win votes.

Candidate Will Now Help Target Labour Held Seats

Mr Linsner like other candidates who were due to stand will now campaign hard in Labour-held seats.

The are taking a big risk with this strategy. Their leader has even acknowledged questions in Boris Johnson can be trusted. 

Since becoming Prime Minister Mr Johnson has suffered a series of defeats in the house commons, failed to deliver on his Brexit Promise.

He has also been accused of lying to the queen and throwing his allies, the DUP under a bus.

Despite all of this some voters think Johnson is the man to deliver Brexit. However to date what he is calling Brexit has done little to please those who either want to leave or remain in the EU.

While has welcomed the news that the Brexit PArty will stand down candidates. Others within the party are more cautious about how it may impact the overall result. 

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