British Judo Season Gets Underway At Welsh Open

British Judo Season Gets Underway At Welsh Open
British Judo Season Gets Underway At Welsh Open

With the new British judo season just starting Saturday saw the first of the major events, .

This is the first of the 4 home nation tournaments and the seeding event for the British Championships.

Three players from East Yorkshire Judo Academy were in attendance in what was a tough tournament full of Britain’s best judoka. All three players fought in the cadet category which is for judoka under 18 years old.

James Hindle (14) in his first appearance at a major cadet competition gave an impressive debut. He was also fighting in a new weight group for the first time and so to have 3 close fights and include his first win at this level was a sound achievement.

Mason Campbell was also fighting in a new weight group at this level. The 15-year-old pass serenely through the opening rounds.

A loss in the 3rd round put Mason into the repechage to continue fighting for a bronze medal. Mason won his 4th fight with a huge ippon throw showing off more of his natural talent.

After a long and close 5th fight Mason came off second best to end the day with a very solid 7th place finish. 7th place also earned him a seeding at the British Championships.

Tommy Jackson Wins Bronze As British Judo Season Gets Under Way

Tommy Jackson (15) was the third East Yorkshire Judo Academy player to be fighting and was in dominant form. He won the early rounds and whilst there were no easy fights he looked in control, winning with a variety of techniques.

He had won the first three fights when a small mistake in the 4th saw him drop into the repechage. Tommy won this after a good fight for a Bronze medal and he finished third on the day. Like Mason, this effort has given him a strong seeding for the British Championships in December.

The coaches at East Yorkshire Judo Academy were impressed by all 3 of the lads’ performances. They say that it bodes well for the coming season. 

This coming weekend sees all three of the lads and seven of their teammates heading to Holland to compete in the Adidas International Judo Tournament. The coaches and senior players wish all of the younger players the best of luck.

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