Liberal Democrats To Call Out Tory Led Council Over Eviction Notice

Liberal Democrats To Call Out Tory Led Council Over Eviction Notice
To Call Out Tory Led Council Over Eviction Notice

Liberal Democrats are asking East Riding of Yorkshire Council to halt the eviction of a local boxing club in Beverley.

faces an uncertain future after the Conservative-led council served them with an eviction notice.

The club was being asked to leave their home in October 2019 but has been granted a ‘stay of execution’ with till March 2020.

However, ward councillors for the club remain ‘concerned’ as nothing has been formally agreed in writing. They also say the council need to reverse the decision accusing them of kicking the can down the road.

St Mary’s ward councillor and Leader of the Lib Dem group on Council said;

“There has been some talk of a stay of execution for the club until March, which if confirmed, is welcome.”

“However, the club’s future will only be secure if the Council formally withdraws the eviction order, and allows the club the time it needs to find new premises.”

“Offering  them an extension without rescinding the eviction order is just kicking the can down the road.”

“The club will still be faced with being turfed out next March. It simply prolongs the agony for the club and its members”

PHOTO: Cllr Healy will call out the Conservative-led council who are intent of evicting local boxing club

Liberal Democrats Will Call For Tory Council To Quash Eviction Order

East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants to evict to the club to make way for the expansion of their Adult Services.  The council also say that the club has been in serious breach of the terms of their lease which expired in April 2019.

Volunteer Jordon Thorne is fully aware that the extension offers little assurances. Despite the news that the club can stay on a little longer, he says the club will continue to fight for their lives. While he has also called on the public to continue to offer their support.

Parents who have children who attend have also expressed their views. On has described the decision as utterly ridiculous

Cllr Healy explained more about the motion, which is likely to be rejected by the Conservatives, he said;

“The motion we are putting to Council will compel officers to quash the eviction order. This is so that the club and the council can move forward to constructively discuss alternative arrangements.”

“I am calling on all East Riding councillors, especially those in Beverley, to support the motion on Wednesday to give the club and its members the peace of mind they deserve whilst trying to find new premises.”

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