Council Deserve Credit For Securing Prestigious Cycling Events

Council Deserve Credit For Securing Prestigious Cycling Events
Council Deserve Credit For Securing Prestigious Events

Garry Payne, owner of Cafe Velo in Beverley says that East Riding Council deserves a lot of credit for bringing prestigious events to the town.

Later this month the UCI World Championships will be in Beverley, again shining a spotlight on the town to a global audience.

Garry who runs the popular -themed cafe with Julie Routledge says there are plenty of long term benefits.

Speaking with Gary about events he said;

 “I think we are getting these events as a result of the effort from East Riding of Yorkshire who put a lot of money into and .”

“If someone had told me that before we opened Cafe Velo that we would be getting a new event, the , the Tour de France and UCI Champs start it would have been a dream come true.”

“All these events being here have a lot to do with . They have put their money where their mouth is and it has got a lot of publicity.”

Prestigious Cycling Events Help Boost

“Some people think it is a waste of money as it is not cheap, but how for the future does it generate?”

“We still get visitors from across Europe as a result of the in 2014 coming to Beverley.”

“So it is difficult to put into a figure how much it is worth. But it is certainly doing East Yorkshire the power of good with the cycling.”

“This event that is coming is an established cycling event.  The last time it visited Britain was back in 1982 in Goodwood.  So to get it here in Beverley this year is unbelievable really.”

Beverley will host the start of the Yorkshire 2019 Para-Cycling event on Saturday 21 September. It is the first time the event will with the UCI Championships.

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