Parents Left In Dismay At Council Decision Not To Extend Lease

Parents Left In Dismay At Council Decision Not To Extend Lease
Parents Left In Dismay At Council Decision Not To Extend Lease

Parents were left in utter dismay as they learned that a local boxing club in Beverley faces closure.

News that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is refusing to extend the lease for the club was delivered at an open public meeting.

Volunteers at the club climbed into the ring to deliver the news, that their gym is to be used to extend an Adult Learning Centre.

One parent, Philip Cromie says the club has been a real help to both his children. He also added the decision by the council was ridiculous.

Speaking to he said;

“My son was lacking confidence and was having a bit of dip. Following a recommendation, it was suggested I take him to Track Fitness and Boxing Club.”

“Within a month of coming to their Monday and Friday sessions, he was hooked. Now he is boxing mad and as a result of the excitement and enjoyment he was getting out of it my seven-year-old daughter wanted to join.”

“She now also attends, going to the younger academy sections. She is also now hooked.”

Parents Worried Children In Beverley Could Miss Out If Club Is Forced To Close

The pair have been attending the club on Burden Road for months, now they could miss out following the decision by East Riding of Yorkshire Council not to extend their lease.

Mr Crommie added;

“If the club ends up closing as a result of this they will both be devastated.  The nearest club to Beverley is in the middle Hull which is just not doable.”

“I think the decision by the council is utterly ridiculous.  The coaches here give up their time for free to help the local community. They provide quality sessions and the kids absolutely love it.”

Those who run the club are now looking to the community for support. They are urging residents to get behind them and lobby the council.

The club has also started an online petition as they look to apply pressure on the council and save their club.

You can show your support by signing the petition;

Click Here
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  1. Any club that provides activities for the youths of Beverley should be supported and applauded. Boxing teaches discipline something that is in short supply today.

  2. Why can’t the centre opposite the shops be used as an adult learning centre; the boxing club is somewhere for people to do something positive with their energy and time, and learn self descipline, respect and get fit at the same time.

  3. I understand why the council would want to extend the centre stakes sense to have it all in one place.
    But surely the council should find a new location for the boxing club not just say sling yer hook.

  4. I remember the building being built as a YOUTH CLUB not anything to do with adult education I am sure there is some where else for adult use, it is very nice that volunteers give their time and skills for the benefit of the children boxing is very hands on sport but more important is discipline confidence and self control all of this gives a good foundation for adult life.
    Is it not too much to ask that we support the young people of our town we hear too much of knife crime drugs and antisocial behaviour every time news comes on or we pick up a paper, boxing clubs and youth organisations have a proven track record of keeping children on the straight and narrow.

  5. What’s wrong with using the empty premises on samman rd why take this away from pple that are wanting to do this n also the trainers that put there time n effort into

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