Man Fined After Wood And Rubble Fly-Tipped In Tickton And Little Weighton

Man Fined After Wood And Rubble Fly-Tipped In Tickton And Little Weighton
Man Fined After Wood And Rubble Fly-Tipped In Tickton And

A man from Hull has been fined after wood, rubble and another waste belonging to him was found dumped in Tickton and .

Daniel Baker, of Woodcock Street, Hull, blamed other people for removing items from a pile of rubbish he had collected in his front garden while carrying out renovations on his new home.

Mr Baker pleaded guilty to two offences of failing in his duty of care by not checking he was using an authorised waste carrier to remove the rubbish when he appeared at Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 15 May.

He was fined £380 and was ordered to pay £350 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

The court heard a streetscene enforcement officer from investigated a fly-tip in a layby on the A1035 at Tickton on 22 November last year.

Wood, rubble, cardboard, plasterboard, a toilet, a child’s car seat, children’s games and textiles were among the rubbish found.

A second incident at the side of the road in Road, , was investigated on December 3 last year, where the officer found a metal container full of wood, rubble, cardboard, a shower, kitchen units, children’s games, textiles and a router.

At both sites, evidence was found relating to the same address in Somerset Street in Hull, the former address of Daniel Baker.

Mr Baker told the enforcement officers he had been moving into a new home in Woodcock Street, and had been carrying out renovating with help from family members, and had left a pile of waste in his front garden.

He said some youths had taken some scrap metal from the pile and he noticed other waste had been taken when he wasn’t at the house.

Mr Baker admitted some of the fly-tipped waste found at both sites in Tickon and belonged to him, but said he had made many trips to a site in Hull and had also paid someone to take some black bags from his property on 13 December.

continues to remind residents they are responsible for disposing of their own waste properly and legally – by using their bins at home or their local household waste site.

For larger loads, they can also hire a licensed waste carrier to take the rubbish away, or use the council’s own bulky waste collection service.

Paul Tripp, head of streetscene services at , said: “To help prevent fly-tipping, residents really need to make sure they dispose of their waste correctly and legally.

“Use our household waste and sites or hire registered waste carriers, get a receipt and take the person’s details. If not you could be left paying a large fine.”

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