Working And Living With Cancer Offers Plenty Of Challenges

Working And Living With Cancer Offers Plenty Of Challenges
Working And Living With Cancer Offers Plenty Of Challenges

launched a year-long cancer awareness project in the East Riding recently.

The idea is to help support residents through what could be one of the toughest times in their lives. This month, the focus is on working with or after cancer.

Cancer can affect many different areas of your life. As well as having the physical and emotional challenges to overcome, there could also be an effect on a person’s finances, work and relationships.

Some people living with cancer may need to arrange for the days they’re having treatment. Or longer if they need surgery.

Rent and other bills still need paying but some people may find it difficult to return to work depending on the type of cancer and the stage it is at.

The employer’s support is extremely important for people. It’s essential for employers to recognise and understand that when an employee returns to work. Either during or after cancer, they may have good and bad days.

Resident Talks About Working And Living With Cancer

Lisa, who lives in Beverley, is continuing to work during her treatment and said;

“Throughout five months of treatment, my goal was to get back to my normal routine, including work.

“Whilst really happy to be going back, I was also very anxious about how I would initially cope. 

“I had amazing support, including a phased return that made a huge difference in getting back up to speed.”

Bev Gibson, human resources manager at JSR Farms in Driffield, said;

“We understand that some people who have cancer or are having treatment for cancer might need support in terms of flexible working arrangements. This so they can attend appointments or deal with the side effects of treatments. It could also simply be to have a day to rest while they are recovering.

“We also believe that it’s important to look after employees whose partner or close family members have cancer and might want to support them by accompanying them at their appointments.

“As a company, we believe it is extremely important to support people affected by cancer and to help make their job that little bit easier especially when they have financial responsibilities to fulfil.”

Employers Say It Is Important To Be Open-Minded About Cancer

Simon, a manager from Hutton Cranswick, said;

“As a manager, I think it’s important to have open and informed conversations with your staff. This is so you can better judge their situation and support them as much as possible.

“As they are already going through a lot in their personal life, it’s vital to try to ease their trauma by making their work life more manageable.

“Personally, my wife is being treated for cancer so I can see the effects it has on a person, both at home and .

“I would always try to do anything I could to help reduce that stress for someone.”

Many people will not be aware that there is practical advice available. There is advice about dealing with your finances and benefits people might be entitled to.

This month’s appeal is to raise awareness amongst employers to think about the support and advice they provide to any of their staff who have a diagnosis of cancer.

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