Post Office Closure – Government Policy On Proposed Relocation

Post Office Closure - Government Policy On Proposed Relocation
Closure – Government Policy On Proposed Relocation

Conservative Government Policy when it comes to the future of the 74 Crown Branches, including is quite clear.  They allow the to deliver their strategy as an independent business.

While much has been made of the six-week consultation, bosses remain adamant that the relocation to WH Smith will go ahead.

says that he has written to the Paula Vennell. She is the Group Chief Executive of Limited. He is calling for her to expand the consultation.

The MP wants to see local peoples views sought on the potential closure of the Crown in . He says he is not happy that views are just being saught on the potential issues faced by the relocation.

However, this request is not in line with the current government policy. Their policy was outlined by Kelly Tolhurst Parliamentary Under-Secretary. The debate which took place in November 2018 shows that the Government allow the Post Office the freedom to run the business how they see fit.

As for the Post Office, they insist that by franchising the service to WH Smith it will enhance the service offered. They also feel that by relocating services to WH Smith the customers will be the biggest winners.

Bosses Stick By Their Plans With Regard To Post Office Closure

Speaking to the Post Office about their plans and the consultation a spokesperson told;

“The public consultation on the proposals runs until 20 February. We are seeking the views of the local community on areas such as accessibility, both inside and outside the branch, or wider community issues which should be considered.”

“However, the element of our plans that we not seeking feedback is the principle of franchising a branch. This is because the change of management at Post Office to one that is operated by a retail partner rather than Post Office directly is a commercial decision. We believe it is the right one in order to sustain Post Office services in communities – not just today, but for the long term too.”

“We will be holding a customer forum so that we can explain why changes need to be made; to highlight the stringent standards we have in place to ensure good access for all customers in our new branches; and to listen to our people’s comments too. Details of the date and venue will be announced soon.”

Protests are planned this weekend in over the proposed relocation. Some local councillors have branded the decision as privatisation through the back door. 

While other officials in the town and workers unions have vowed to fight on and try and reverse the decision.

During the debate, which you can watch below just three MPs spoke up. Sadly there was no representation from or objections raised on behalf of the residents of .

Video – Post Office Closure – Government Policy On Proposed Relocation

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