Council Confirm Funding Agreement With School Was Done In January

Council Confirm Funding Agreement With School Was Agreed In January
Council Confirm Funding Agreement 

has said that capital funding for was a result of an agreement reached between both parties in January 2018.

Furthermore, ERYC also confirmed that the meeting was between senior management of the school and directors from the council.

At that meeting, an agreement – in principle – was made that should benefit from the sale of the land. As a result, £1.5m was allocated towards enhancing the Government funded works at the upper school site.

The figure agreed with the school was based on revenue share. This was based on an estimated valuation of what the land was worth from the council of £3 million.

ERYC has dismissed the claims made by local Cllr Denis Healy. He said that the £1.5m cash promised to the school was agreed behind closed doors.


Cllr Healy said that the meeting was with Conservative councillors and senior council officers. He also added it was linked to the of the Longcroft Lower School site as reported last August.


Cllr Healy felt that as a serving councillor in St Mary’s Ward, where the school is located, he should have been present.  ERYC has also confirmed a second meeting did take place in August. However, they insist this was an informal meeting requested by elected members and was misreported.

Council Understand Why People May Have Been Confused

While they cannot speak for the councillors, ERYC felt the second meeting was called to clarify the details of the deal agreed in January.

The council say they fully understand if people were confused by what has been reported. ERYC also added that nothing unusual had happened at the meeting which was held in August.

Deals between the school and the council were signed off in September 2018 and approved by the cabinet. Following a public consultation and assuming the site is sold will get the additional funding.

They also stressed that elected Councillors are within their rights to request meetings with council officers. Who is invited to these meetings is at the discretion of those setting up the meeting.

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  1. I understood ERYC stand to gain £5 million from the proceeds of this land sale . This article says £3 million. How can ERYC attach this £1.5 million cash promise to Longroft when there hasn’t even been a public consultation on the disposal of the land. Surely the outcome of the public consultation should guide how the money be spent. I imagine most local people will object to the disposal unless there’s a condition to reinstate existing community facilities (Scouts and ATC) and develop more community facilities in this space. After all Beverley has one of the lowest levels of community facilities in the country. The new families moving to the area will want to know what community facilities exist for their children. How can you say well there used to be volunteer lead youth groups in Molescroft but ERYC bulldozed them and jeopardized their futures !

  2. Hi – as stated ERYC say misreporting is to blame. They say the land was valued by them at £3M – and revenue share of 50/50 split with the school and authority was agreed. That said if the land was to sell for more the school, as it stands, would get £1.5M

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