Fireworks Campaigners Want Better Policing and Stricter Controls

Fireworks Campaigners Want Better Policing and Stricter Controls

While many get ready to enjoy a night of fireworks for others, tonight will prove to be a testing time.

Firework displays in will be among tens of thousands of displays happening across the country. 

The noise created can be very stressful to animals and also people. This had led to campaigners to again calling for tighter controls on fireworks.

Jill Cutsforth is a Campaigner and says that not enough is being done.  She wants to see more done to police the current laws that are in place. She does feel however that there is a change in attitude towards fireworks.

“We are campaigning once again for a change in firework law,” she said. “This time we are targeting the new Office for Product Safety as it was discussed during the last debate.”

“The new office will work with key stakeholders and enforcing authorities. They will review the guidance materials available on the safe and responsible use of fireworks.”

“It will also provide an intelligence-handling function to improve the information we have. It will also examine the individual safety of particular fireworks and of other products on sale.”

“Although saying that current laws are adequate, the government are not taking into consideration that they are not being policed effectively. Either by the Police or Trading Standards.”

“We feel that there is a change in attitude because we have managed to have two petitions debated. The first petition was the first one ever be debated regarding fireworks.”

“We believe that lines of communication have to be opened between the government and groups like us.”

The UK Spends Millions On Fireworks Each Year

Over £40m each year is spent on fireworks in the UK while over 20 million people will attend organised events and parties with friends.

Animal welfare charity, the RSPCA says that in the UK over 45pc of dogs become scared when they hear a firework. They provide some useful tips on how you can help make the night less stressful for your pet. 

Dog owners are advised to help try and reduce the stress that they close windows and curtains. Other things to do also include creating quiet spaces and to put the TV on or play .

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