Out of Town Retail Park Given A Boost As Council Approve Taxi Rank

Out of Town Retail Park Given A Boost As Council Approve Taxi Rank
Out of Town Retail Park Given A Boost As Council Approve Taxi Rank

Out of town retail park Flemingate have been given a much needed boost ahead of Christmas after the council approved an application for a taxi rank on the site.

Located just under a mile away from the Town Centre party goers will now be able to grab a taxi to get home or back into the town centre.

In statement release the East Riding of Yorkshire Council said;

“A temporary taxi rank is to be introduced at a Beverley shopping centre to help get home after a festive night out.”

“For the next month, a rank for five cars will be operating from the loading bay area near to Riva at Flemingate Shopping Centre.”

“The rank will be operational until Tuesday, 2 January and East Riding licensed Hackney carriages will be available from 6pm to 6am Monday to Saturday and from 12noon on Sundays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.”

News of the taxi service will be welcomed by people who frequent venues like the FirePit and wish to carry on their night in Beverley.

Shoppers who wish to visit the out of town retail park are currently catered for by a free shuttle bus service that circumnavigates the town on a Saturday.

Councillor Shaun Horton, portfolio holder for community involvement at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said:

“This is a great addition to the Flemingate site as there is currently no provision for a taxi rank.”

“It will make it so much easier for people enjoying a night out to be able to get a taxi home rather than having to walk into the rank in the centre of Beverley.”

The £120m – Beverley’s largest-ever regeneration scheme.

Flemingate which has now been open two years has a host of major high street names and quality food outlets including Poundland, Greggs and Subway while also is the home of the highly successful Parkway Cinema.

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  1. To me it seems odd to refer to Flemingate as an out of town retail park, as it’s only 200 yards to either the rail station or the Minster and 300 yards to Wednesday Market. The Premier Inn at Flemingate is even called ‘Premier Inn Beverley Town Centre’. Surely Flemingate is part of Beverley town centre, even if it’s a new development.

  2. This is easily explained – the location of the development is a little under a mile away from Saturday Market – the town centre – The Durham Ox public house it closer by some distance though clearly not the ‘town centre’

    Both locations however are in Beverley – the train station is not in the centre of Beverley either. Flemingate would be generally regarded as a ‘Beckside’ based on its geographical location.

    Your point you raise re Bevelrey Minster is also a good one, the people who take care of the Minster recently acknowledge that now they are flanked by the retail park it moves them ‘more’ inside the foot print as apposed to being on the ‘edge of the town’

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