Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall
Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

A rare and wonderful opportunity for a group of 60 pupils to display a collaborative piece of art work in a public space at the .

With guidance from local artist , the challenge for all 60 pupils from year 6 at were set a challenge.

Their goal, to Create a piece of artwork that is both innovative and inventive. The art needs to draw attention and to create a focal point for our customer.

The pupils made sketches and gathered there information while visiting the ERT Theatre in and at the top of the .

Using small frames as a tool to focus in on the lines and architecture that were in front of them and tracing on plastic sheeting the townscape of .

There preliminary studies were then taken back to school and used as inspiration to find the right shapes, colours and compositions to design and construct there own individual brick.

One of the pupil’s who took part in the project said;

“I don’t normally like art work but this project has been ace.”

All of the work created was then brought together to complete a sculpture to go on display on the ‘Lord Roberts Wall’ in the café of the ERT Theatre , after three months their art work will keep on living by returning to .

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