Bribery And Corruption Explored At New Guildhall Exhibition

Bribery And Corruption Explored At New Guildhall Exhibition
Bribery And Corruption Explored At New Guildhall Exhibition

The latest in ’s series of exhibitions about Beverley’s history is perfectly scandalous!

The exhibition, which opens on Friday 24 November, is entitled “It all happened in Beverley!” and presents a selection of the scandals and catastrophes that have besieged the town over the years.

, curator of the Community Museum in the Guildhall, said;

“I am sure that any town of similar size and age must have been subject to a similar range of catastrophic and scandalous occurrences, but when so many of them are presented together you start to wonder how the town is still standing.”

“In this exhibition, we present a range of different situations – for example, did you know that Beverley used to have not one but two of its own MPs? That ended in 1868 when the town was
disfranchised because of its history of bribery and corruption.”

“Other situations include the Countess who married her coachman, a number of fires (including one in 1188 that nearly destroyed the whole town), a couple of disgraceful murders and many others.”

Fiona added;

“We would also like to take this opportunity to present our new computer interactive in the Guildhall, in which we have compiled all our past exhibitions and lots of ongoing research, including 3D models of the medieval Guildhall. This is constantly being updated so it is something for visitors to return to again and again.”

“It all happened in Beverley! A history of scandals and catastrophes” opens on Friday, 24 November and runs until 16 March, 2018.”

The Guildhall is located in Register Square next to the main post office. It is open from 10am to 4pm every Friday and from 10am to 1pm every Wednesday, but will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

There will be an additional opening on Sunday, 10 December for the , with refreshments in the parlour and activities for children in the courtroom.

Admission is always free.

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