McDonald’s Submit Plans For Beverley Drive Thru Restaurant

McDonald’s Submit Plans For Beverley Drive Thru Restaurant
Submit Plans For Drive Thru Restaurant

McDonald’s Ltd and WM Morrison Supermarkets have submitted plans for a Drive Thru Restaurant on the edge of .

The application which was made in June was validated by just days ago meaning people could soon no longer need to travel to the nearest store.

The proposal seeks planning permission for the erection of a freestanding single storey restaurant on a section to the north east of the existing car park, to provide a complimentary service to the existing Morrison’s supermarket, its services and provisions.

Early discussions with the council indicated the principle of the development is considered acceptable and the scheme would not appear to raise any concerns in relation to the highways layout and the trees in and around the site.

Given the surrounding area is currently very dense with development say they will take every effort to ensure the design, orientation and layout of their is suitable and slots effortlessly into its surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the colour palette used for the externals of the restaurant is subtle and neutral blending into its surroundings. Overall, the layout has been designed with the client in mind.

If approved the it will be the first time the have opened a restaurant in and is sure to be welcomed by many people in the town.

Some residents however will raise concerns over the impact having a Drive Thru McDonalds in with litter being the top of the list.

Currently anyone living in and who wants to enjoy the food served at the most famous fast food outlet in the world need to travel to in neighbouring Hull.

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  1. Bizarre thing. I do quite a lot of cycling in East Yorkshire and the wolds and it don’t matter where I am but I always see at least one road strewn with McDonald’s litter all over the road.

  2. I would urge any Beverley resident to oppose the McDonald’s in Beverley. Beverley is known for its independence. Keep Ronald out!!
    Smell, litter,noise pollution and boy racers screeching around the car parks!!

  3. Just another source of litter for the great British motorist to eject from his or her car!!
    The hedgerows around Beverley are disgraceful already without this plan going ahead.

  4. What’s so really wrong with having a McDonald’s I can see no problem at all it’s on the outskirts and Beverley needs to move with the times it’s not taken anything from Beverley at all – we have sub way that’s a chain -neros and Costa coffee !! Okay you say litter but McDonalds are very aware how residents feel and will have they restraint kept clean outside !They more and more young people living in Beverley we need to move out of this attuide we have and just listening to the older folk in Beverley and yes I am in my 40s lived here 18 years and adore Beverley but come on really it’s just a McDonalds!!

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