Minster School Embrace The Arts As They Strive To Achieve Artsmark

Minster School Embrace The Arts As They Strive To Achieve Artsmark
Minster School Embrace The Arts As They Strive To Achieve Artsmark

Pupils at Beverley Minster Primary School are working with local artist Emma Garness to create a large-scale work of art that will be displayed in the school’s playground.

With help of pupils aged between 4 to 6 years old, Mrs. Garness is helping create the work that is based around the school’s values of ‘Curiosity, Creativity, Respect, Perseverance, Community and Honesty.’

Head Teacher Rachel Hatter put the idea forward as in her previous role at a school in London school had links with the Royal Opera House, so she saw firsthand the positive impact arts had on young people.

Commenting on the project, she said;

“We are working towards achieving the Artsmark by developing opportunities to work with professionals in the local area who are coming into the school. It’s make sure that the children have a really exciting creative curriculum.”

“As a project, it is about working with real professionals and helping the children develop their skills. Artist’s who come in share their skills with us. It is really exciting for us to be working with an artist or a potter who is an expert in their field.”

“The children absolutely love it. The artists bring a different view point as this is what they do for a living. They bring fresh ideas, different approaches and techniques so it’s exciting for the whole school.”

“While this project is working with a certain age group, the incentive is taking place throughout the school getting children of all ages involved.”

Mrs. Hatter says that to achieve the Arts Marks Award they need to show how they develop arts within the school and the local community.

She added;

“We have a creative art week happening next week. We have dance going on and more artists coming including Claire West who is from Beverley, all of which makes our school an exciting and creative place.”

It will take the school around a year to achieve the Artsmark which is a national accreditation that shows the school is a champion of the arts and strives for excellence in their provision.

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