N.U.R.S.E. Join MP To Visit Latest Sites To Install Defibrillators

N.U.R.S.E. Join MP To Visit Latest Sites To Install Defibrillators
Join MP To Visit Latest Sites To Install Defibrillators

A local Charity and MP have been out to see the latest defibrillators to be installed in the area thanks to their joint efforts.

who helps fund the project joined the MP as they visited locations in , and Lund who have all recently installed defibrillators.

from said;

“Graham has been campaigning for local council parishes to have automated defibrillators installed due to emergency service cuts and delays.”

“Due to this campaign the Charity received requests for help. In total, N.U.R .S. E. has now provided seven automated defibrillators to the more remote villages in our region.”

Sports Field received their defibrillator in March. , Chairman of Parish Council said they had no problems in getting support from local .

Mr. Slingsby said;

“When we put it to the teams who use the facility they were all very supportive and asked what they could do to help us get one. We have signs leading up to the ground showing where they can locate the defibrillator.”

“I would like to thank N.U.R.S.E for their help in providing the defibrillator. I hope it won’t be required, but we have the comfort of it being available should an emergency arise.”

Mr. Stuart who is Defibrillator Champion has made an ongoing commitment to raise awareness and help get as many defibrillators as possible installed in his constituency.

Commenting on his visits he said;

“I hope by doing things like this it will help alert to the fact this life-saving equipment can be found at these locations.”

“When someone has a heart attack, every minute that passes sees their survival chance fall by 7% to 10%, so having a defibrillator to hand can make all the difference whilst an ambulance is on its way.”

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