Give Your Staircase The Wow Factor Make A Bold Statement

Give Your Staircase The Wow Factor Make A Bold Statement
Give Your Staircase The Wow Factor Make A Bold Statement

Step up to the fashion floorspace and give your staircase the wow factor with a brand new carpet this spring, an area of the home often overlooked.

According to Beverley Carpets, stairways are often not given the full attention they deserve, despite the fact that in many homes it’s the first thing people see when they walk in the door.

, from Carpets said;

“Whether the space is small and narrow or large and open, your stairs should get the same decorating treatment as the rest of your house.”

Give Your Staircase The Wow Factor Make A Bold Statement“It’s a great spot to introduce personal style and you can afford to be bold in your interior choices.”

“Halls, stairs and landings are high areas and need hard wearing practical carpets with a good pile weight and density that maintain their appearance. It’s worth spending time and effort on this area to create an enticing entrance.”

A bold carpet colour might be overpowering in a large living room but can look at home on a staircase.
Experiment with a deep homely purple, Cormar’s Sensation Twist in Wild Cherry, or a charcoal grey shade to add a pop of style. Complement with lots of white or cream woodwork to keep the look simple and sophisticated.

For alternative ‘doorstep dash’ choose a simple stylish, flecked neutral, which is not only modern but very forgiving as it is less likely to show small marks or ‘bits’ than one that is completely plain.

Mr. Wood says that Cormar’s Natural Berber Twist collection, in 80% wool, is a great choice and comes in a host of contemporary beige and grey shades.

To find out more about the styles and colours available from Cormar Carpets call 01482 561131 or pop into Carets, on .

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