Free Wi-Fi Helps People Stay Connected At More Council-Run Venues

Free Wi-Fi Helps People Stay Connected At More Council-Run Venues
Free Wi-Fi Helps Stay Connected At More Council-Run Venues

Residents visiting registration and celebratory services, entertainment venues, adult learning centres and  Bevelrey Leisure Centre that are run by will now be able to stay connected as free Wi-Fi goes live.

The works represent an important investment by the authority and allow residents to access services and transact with the council digitally.

The upgrade will have a range of benefits, including:

• Customers attending marriages and other ceremonies being able to connect their devices to Wi-Fi and stream instant images to friends and family who are not able to attend their important day.

• The council being able to market and promote the high-quality and wide range of bespoke ceremonies it offers and the excellent ceremony room facilities available throughout the East Riding.

• For learners at adult learning centres it will mean they can access free Wi-Fi and work seamlessly between class and home on their own device, accessing the centres virtual learning environment from home or anywhere in the centre.

• Learners will also be able to access Wi-Fi on their own device in classrooms to research and support learning while taking part in the class.

• Previously learners had been limited to a two-hour slot for internet connection, but some of the classes lasted a full morning, full afternoon or full evening. Learners can now have unlimited access via the free Wi-Fi.

• For Sewerby Hall and Gardens it improves the offer for room hire / conference bookings – for organisers and participants – many training bookings now need more use of internet access.

• Customers having access to Wi-Fi allows visitors to market the venue by ‘checking in’ and posting comments or photographs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

• For weddings – couples often ask if the ceremony can be live streamed to guests who cannot attend i.e. to those who live abroad – Wi-Fi in the Orangery will allow this to happen.

• The benefits to the leisure centres include supporting online booking and payment for services

• It also allows customers to self-serve providing reception staff with more time to give a quality service to the customers who need their help.

From this month, free Wi-Fi will be available to the public at:

Registration Office and Ceremony Rooms

• Burnby Hall,
Council Offices
Town Hall

Leisure Centres

Francis Scaife,

• East Riding Leisure
• East Riding Leisure
• South Cave Sports Centre
• South Holderness Sports Centre

/ Entertainment Venues

• Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Adult Learning Centres

• Adult Learning at Central Library, King Street
• Adult Learning Centre,
• Adult Learning in , Pasture Road
• Adult Learning in , Burden Road.

Councillor , deputy leader of , said: “Wi-Fi technology has revolutionised modern life, with many of our day-to-day tasks requiring a reliable internet connection, whether paying a bill or keeping in contact with family and friends.

“The way residents are interacting with the council has also changed and ensuring that they can access services conveniently is important and the council is therefore pleased to have made this investment in its facilities.”

This latest scheme complements a similar investment made in in April, which saw all branches offering free Wi-Fi thanks to a £61,000 allocation from Arts Council England.

Free Wi-Fi has helped libraries to extend their services and tackle digital exclusion, leading to a growth in digital skills and enabling the development of new partnerships that will benefit local residents.

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