Millers Day Centre in Beverley Christmas Fair Raises £2,500

Millers Day Centre in Beverley Christmas Fair Raises £2,500
in Fair Raises £2,500

A fair held at a day centre raised £2,500 to go towards funding extra activities and days out for those adults who attend the facility.

The annual event, which was held at , on Mill Lane, was well supported by those who attend the day centre, their family and friends as well as members of the public who all had the chance to browse a wide range of stalls including crafts, jewellery, cakes and festive decorations.

The amount raised surpassed that of last year’s event by over £500 much to everyone’s amazement and gratitude.

John Ireland, team leader at Millers, said: “This event just seems to keep getting bigger and better every year. It really was a fantastic day enjoyed by everyone who attended.

“We could not believe how many came through the doors on the day to show their support and create such a lively and happy atmosphere.

“The amount raised was incredibly impressive and is a fantastic addition to the Millers welfare fund which is used to help cover the cost of some of the great events and activities we enjoy throughout the year. We would like to thank everyone for their support.”

The guest of honour, Father , opened the event and set the tone for the day by wishing everyone a very Merry .

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  1. A good turnout for Millers and well done to them.
    Pity that the residents of Rita Hunt Court are forbidden to do any fundraising for themselves, due to an over zealous Scheme Adminisrator, who won’t allow the residents to do anything in the lounge that might benefit them.
    I attended a Xmas Dinner at Rita Hunt. The residents were squashed into one end of the lounge as they aren’t allowed to move the dividing screen (H & S) and the person in charge wouldn’t unlock the screen and move it, despite being asked in advance.
    So much more could be done by and for the residents. But they’re not allowed to. The Residents Social Committee are blocked at every turn.
    They had an Open Day fundraiser. It didn’t do very well as they weren’t allowed to have the Patio Doors open to allow people inside.
    A real shame, as it could be a nice place with different management running it.

  2. I helped out at the millers Christmas fair, it was my first time helping, but if they have a fair this year I would be happy to help

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