James Allcock Outlines His Vision For Sow Hill Bistro

James Allcock Outlines His Visions For Sow Hill Bistro
Outlines His Vision For Sow Hill

A businessman in says he is worried have got the wrong idea about his proposals to open a new cafe bar in .

, a trained chef has submitted plans to transform a unit on Sow Hill Road into The Pig and Whistle but is concerned that some residents think he is opening a late-night drinking den.

Speaking to HU17.net about his vision, he said;

“My idea is it is to open a small restaurant seating 25 . I want to make it seven days a week serving lunch and dinner. There is no draught beer, we are going to be selling sherry by the glass.”

“It will be very flexible. can come in have a glass of wine and a small snack, then go for a meal at The Westwood or Whites. Alternatively, they can come in and order lots of little snacks or some cheese and just sit with their friends.”

living close to the unit have voiced their concerns worried that if plans are approved and The Pig and Whistle opens their quality of life will be impacted.

Mr. Allcock said;

“We have been very careful to make sure that we are not going to disturb anyone living above the unit. A big part of budget has been allocated for acoustic sound boarding to prevent sound pollution from the downstairs spilling upstairs.”

“That was not stipulation. It was something I have wanted to do as we simply do not want to disturb the residents.”

“By bar I meant there is bar seating, not that it is a bar you will be drinking all night in and my reference to parties is small dinner parties, not all night raves.”

“I have gained my experience from working at The , The and I opened 1884 in Hull. I am ex Gordon Ramsey chef, I am from a restaurant background, I really have no desire to run a drink’s venue.”

“There is already some anti social and behaviour issues in and around the units. I plan to tackle that, and my presence alone will help.”

“There is a gap for what I want to do, you struggle to get mid market flexible eating with high end drinks on offer where you can relax and read the paper.”

“I think is the right place to do this. I live here, I socialise here, I just do not want to misunderstand what I am trying to achieve.”

“I want to clarify. I am not a monster, I am not trying to open a nightclub. It is going to be somewhere you can sip a port with a nice piece of cheese.”

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  1. There are far to many eatery & drinks venues (141 last count) in Beverley. We see them come we see them go. Far to much competition to share the dwindling foot traffic in the town. It may offer an alernative but that’s what they all say when they arrive. Niche market sherry and a bit of posh nosh. Only an elite few sound they would use it. Sow Hill not a big footfall area. Rents know doubt will be high & business rates, overheads.
    Think again Lad because this town may be in the top 10 in the country but it’s still a struggle for lots of outlets. How many have changed hands lately… Rose & Crown. North Bar Tea Rooms gone bust… Enough said Good luck but I think you will find it really tough going.

  2. he should be allowed to try, not sure its fair that if you decide to live in a town centre you can then object to people trying to open a business – shame really.

    I do however agree with some of what you say, though the good places be them take away or cafe’s stand the test of time. Some newer more recent successes stories like Cafe Velo (have you been in?) show how you can survive and grow in the right niche and offer more than a coffee.

  3. I would put a fiver on he will fail even if he gets planning permission. It all sounds nice in theory but sipping port and sherry? Come on pull the other one. A gap in the market for high end expensive drinks to sit and read a news rag? What? Never knew the town had that many millionaires to pay for them!The residents who are above or live near the Sow Hill area won’t or don’t need another place for drinking. The residents do not need noise and disturbance at night. Denis Healey is against it and he is a very good Councillor and judge of a situation.Change of use on planning will be tough. I think the kid will lose money from day one. Does Sow Hill have a massive amount of foot traffic? I don’t think so.Another Yogurt idea in the making.If it does go ahead the place will be the flavour of the month at first and some fickle Beverlonians will go along for a while and then depart for the next venue opening on the block. Then see what happens. See how empty Bevetley really is Mon to Thursday in the cafes and pubs. Only a handful can really say they are busy. Hu17. will be backing it no doubt so you can get some advertising and photos out of it so at least your in the money on that one. Have I used Cafe Velo? No. I have two other good places to eat and drink at that sell real Ale. Velo don’t sell real ale. Chequers being a good venue for real ale and Saint n Sinners for a light lunch.

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