MP Calls For Clinical Group Study Bus Time Table

MP Calls For Clinical Group Study Bus Time Table
MP Calls For Clinical Group Study Bus Time Table

is says the need to sit and with a map and bus time table following the experience of one of his constituents.

His comments have come after resident Sandra Burns was sent a list of bus routes they could use when she asked how she would get to her nearest facility following the pending shake up.

East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Group however insist that the proposals they are putting forward would enhance patient experience and help keep Ambulance Crews in the East Riding.

Mr. Stuart, who has been campaigning hard to prevent any hospital closures said;

 “Managers at East Riding CCG need to sit down with a map and a bus timetable to recognise how unrealistic it is to expect sick people to embark on an 80 minute bus journey from into central Hull.” 

“It would be a round trip of two hours forty minutes for treatment – on top of time waiting for the bus to turn up – and services only run very intermittently from the afternoon onwards.” 

“How is that better for residents than having a Minor Injuries Unit in the hospital in the heart of the town?”

“To add insult to injury, the CCG also says the MediBus can be booked 24 hours in advance, and that on the day bookings may be available if there’s space.  It shouldn’t take a moment to recognise that people don’t know whether they’re going to have an accident a day in advance, and they certainly won’t be reassured by hearing there might be a seat for them if they’re lucky.”

“The reality is that this is likely to increase the pressure on Yorkshire Ambulance Service as people resort to calling 999 – leaving people with really serious illnesses exposed.” 

Dr , Local GP and Clinical Chair, responded to comments made by Mr. Stuart saying;

“The CCG is confident that the options presented provide improved services. Whilst it is recognised that some people may have to travel further to have their needs met, this would be in an Urgent Care Centre one stop shop that is well equipped and open longer hours, into the evening and at weekends, which will provide a better experience for patients.”

“Ambulance crews would be able to take patients to these centres instead of A&E, if clinically appropriate, keeping them in the East Riding area and taking the pressure off A&E. This is not possible with the current MIUs due to inconsistent opening times and staff shortages often leading to temporary closure.”

“We are also consulting on changes to community bed provision in East Riding with options to move to more rehabilitation and reablement services, helping people get home much quicker and return to independence.”

“As with all the views and comments we receive, the CCG welcomes this feedback which will be taken into consideration before making a final decision in March 2017.”

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