MP Appalled By Cllr Peacock’s Comments

Graham Stuart Celebrates Landmark For Jobs

has released statement following the comments made by Tory Councillor Dominic Peacock on Facebook.

Responding to comments made by Councillor Dominic Peacock, and Holderness MP said:

“I was appalled by Councillor Peacock’s grossly offensive and insensitive post and it is right that he has now apologised unreservedly and removed the post.”

“Jo Cox is a huge loss to British politics, was a warm and caring person and leaves behind a devastated family. Councillor Peacock should be utterly ashamed.”

“I fully support his suspension from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Conservative Group.”

Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council said;

“All people in public life, irrespective of politics should be united in condemning the fatal and dreadful attack on Jo Cox.”

“This is not the time for inappropriate remarks, however intended, and I will not tolerate them in my Group, and residents should expect their elected representatives to act in an appropriate and compassionate way.”

“I will also be asking the Group to make a contribution to the Memorial Fund set up in the name of Jo Cox.”

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  1. And so he should, but I regret that Mr Stuart stops short of calling for Cllr Peacock’s resignation as a councillor. His position is now untenable on both Beverley and East Riding councils.

  2. This moron brings shame on your community. You voted for him. If you don’t reject him as your representative it reflects on each and every one of you. The world is appauled by his disgusting comment. Make your choice.

  3. Councillor Peacock’s removal from the Conservative Party, although welcome does not mean that Councillor Peacock stops representing the people of Woodmansey and Beverley. It does not mean the people of East Yorkshire stops paying him money, and I expect 3 months down the line he will quietly be allowed to rejoin the Conservatives.

    I am pondering making a formal complaint to the Police under the malicious communications act

  4. Why has Cllr Peacock not yet resigned from all positions that he holds in the town? This can be the only positive solution for Beverley. He can no long function as a Cllr for the town or EYRC councils. He no longer represents our community.

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