Robert Begnett Elected as New Mayor of Beverley

Robert Begnett Elected as New Mayor of Beverley

has been elected as the new taking over from Cllr .

Before the election took place members of the local community and the two Mayors charities were present with awards.

The Cherry Tree Stroke Club were donated £2,820 while were given a donation of £1,880 which was raised throughout the past twelve months.

were presented with a Good Neighbour Award for their help in assisting the council throughout the year and for their support during the .

Evangelina Rawling from 1st (Minster) Guide Unit was awarded the Young Persons for her ongoing efforts in supporting the local Scouting movement.

Cllr Begnett did not have to wait long to make his first key decision as .

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Following a vote for who will be deputy Mayor, a role that tends to lead onto the role as Mayor Cllr Begnett opted for Cllr Ann Willis over Cllr to be his deputy during his time in office.


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