WORKSHOP : Death And The Only Beauty That Last

WORKSHOP : Death And The Only Beauty That Last

A most unusual two day workshop, called ‘Death and the only beauty that lasts’, takes place at the  on 2nd and 3rd October and is open to those of all faiths or none.

Jan Parker, who’s been running these workshops since 2002, admits it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to spend two days exploring death but adds that “if the time and circumstances are right, this can be tremendously helpful.” Jan trained as a bereavement counsellor in 2000 and is a member of Dying Matters.

“I help people explore and be better prepared for, this inevitable and mysterious part of life we call death.”

“We’ll look at what death is, what we think ‘a good death’ is, and explore our experience of loss. On the practical front there’ll be a session to help you write a will, plan your funeral, and tackle an advance directive. We’ll look at how to work with unfinished (emotional) – most of us have some – as well as what happens during the dying process and how best to support the dying. We’ll cover the importance of ‘presence, try some traditional reflection practices and watch some short films.”

“Hundreds of people have done this workshop now. People come for all sorts of reasons. It’s an unusual opportunity and it’s open to everyone, people of all faiths or none, so I hope people will come along.”

‘Death and the only beauty that lasts’ – a two day workshop on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October 2015, , East Yorkshire, 10am – 5pm both days. It is being held at the , Quaker Lane, Woodlands, , East Yorkshire HU17 8BY.

Wheelchair accessible ramps to front and side doors , accessible toilet, hearing loop. It costs £95, with a £75 concessionary price for those on benefits and state pension only. Limited to 15 places, bookings can be made  by calling (m) 07909 643221.

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