Council Look To Volunteers To Solve Dog Fouling Issue

dog fouling sign

Volunteers are being sought by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to help tackle dog fouling in the area something they say is a ‘major issue.’

Recently a match involving was stopped twice while dog mess was removed from the playing field.

Despite signs appearing at sporting grounds and local schools some dog owners continue to walk their dogs in these places and do not clean up after them.

A wide spread problem, dog mess is not just found in parks, owners are leaving it on footpaths and other areas used by the public.

The Dog Warden team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council are hoping would be volunteers will come forward and be trained in dog fouling law and then use those new skills to challenge people who do not clean up after their pets.

In a statement released the Council said;

“Volunteers would also be able to hand out information about responsible dog ownership as well as understanding what evidence is required in order for a £75 fixed penalty notice to be issued.”

Councillor Shaun Horton, said:

“Dog fouling is a major issue and while most dog walkers are responsible and do clean up the mess left by their pets, there are some that don’t.”

“The East Riding is a vast area and our dog wardens can’t be everywhere which is why we are asking for the help of the public.”

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“Those who do come forward will be given all the information and confidence they need to challenge those who are seen to be not cleaning up the mess left by their dogs while being able to give out information about responsible dog ownership.”

“We would really like fellow dog walkers to come forward and help us create a cleaner environment but will consider volunteers from any walks of life.”

If you would like to get involved and help tackle dog fouling in Beverley you can do so by getting in touch with dog wardens on 01482 396 301.

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