Quiet Riot – The Beverley Alternative Look To Support The Homeless

Quiet Riot – The Beverley Alternative Look To Support The Homeless

’s second gig was held at Hodgsons Pub this weekend. These are new monthly gigs featuring some of the best unsigned bands from the region.

Friday’s event featured Ellie Pollard, local favourites Behind Closed Doors, Streaming Lights and and the gig at a packed Hodgson’s club was another huge success with people still dancing to the Rebellious Jukebox DJ’s till around 12.30.

Chris Warkup who promotes the event said;

“Quiet Riot – The Beverley Alternative could easily be described as a combination of the weekly Sesh gig in Hull crossed with the music of Spiders night club.”

“We have made promotional album has also been released to help promote the acts that are being brought to Beverley.”

Featuring  23 tracks in includes some of the best bands around the Hull music scene and all are interested in playing here in Beverley.”

“On the album there were a few acts bands who played on Friday at Hodgsons Pub and a wide range of people including the Happy Endings, Mighty and the Moon, Holy Orders, Bud Sugar, Danny Landau Band, Coaves and even Endoflevelbaddie.”

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“Local bands The , Behind Closed Doors and soloist Imogen also have tracks on the album.”

“The album is only £3 and proceeds go to Shelter so not only is it 80 minutes of brilliant local music if also helps a very worthy cause. These will be available at the monthly gigs and from Minster Records in Eastgate.”

Quiet Riot gig will return to Beverley on February 27th with organisers looking to make this a regular monthly event.

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  1. It would be better if charity money given, went to the little local genuine charities of the towns of the givers, so that the money goes to a charity that does actual work, and provides food, for us, rather than copying & making statistics, to make adverts, to get money, to inflate their salaries in London, and are nowhere to be seen locally.

    Ask your local ‘genuine’ RoughSleepers (the ones sheltering in the museums, galleries, libraries, cinemas), who does most for them, and who Hoover up money, away from their towns, and away from them. Big is not necessarily good. You will find that some charities are genuine, some are ‘get rich’ businesses, on our backs, operating from a distance, and not in contact with us.

    The big national ‘cut & pasting’, ‘statistic juggling’ charities, are advertising companies, on extremely large salaries, that ‘bleed dry’ all the goodwill from every town in Britain, so that there is nothing left for the little local ‘genuine’ charities that actually help us.

    The help that they give, is inversely proportional to the noise that they make.

    The small local charities, are run by quiet angels.

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