Unsung Heroes : Locals Who Came To Aid Of Couple Send Their Best Wishes

Unsung Heroes : Locals Who Came To Aid Of Couple Send Their Best Wishes

.net was contacted by , who wanted to thank some members of the local community who came to his aid after his wife suffered a fall in the town centre.

Brian Lewis is a parking attendant for was the first person to come to the couple’s aid after she fell in .

Soon after Brian was joined by Des Harrison and Phil Lakin from , the pair brought their skill and experience to the situation and provided lots of assurances to the couple.

Brian said;

“I went to help out because I could see that she was in great distress. Having elderly family members myself, I couldn’t imagine anyone not helping them if they had an accident. It was only right I assured them that everything will be ok.”

“I will always help someone if they ever needed it, no matter what the circumstance. There’re a lot of kind friendly people in and around . It is a pleasure to speak and meet with these people on a day to day basis.”

The kind-hearted parking attendant had this message for Barrie and his wife Pauline, he said;

“I hope everything is going well for Barrie and his wife. I was very happy to help and hope next time they visit it will be more of a pleasant experience.”

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Phil and Des said;

“When someone came into the office and asked if we could help, we simply came and did what we could. We would always assist in any way possible. We wish his wife a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.”

Pauline is now back home however it will be another 5 to 6 weeks before she makes a full recovery.

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