Couple’s Heartfelt Thank You For Fall Help

Couple’s Heartfelt Thank You For Fall Help

folk showed their caring nature to help an injured woman and her husband recently. ’s wife Pauline fell in the town last week, fracturing bones near her pelvis.

In a letter to, Barrie expressed his gratitude for those who came to Pauline’s aid.

He wrote:

It’s just 36 hours since my wife Pauline had an accident on , , when she missed her step as she went to cross the access road to the car park and fell to the floor.

I knelt down beside her and she whispered that she was in great pain, couldn’t move her right hip and leg and I realised that she and I were in trouble and needed help quickly

The story that follows is intended to express our heartfelt thanks to those who responded to our cry for help.

I have no doubt that the 999 ambulance control centre that responded to my first call would say that they were doing their normal job.

The ambulance crew, caring and proficient, might say the same.

But what about Brian, the car parking supervisor, who gave me such comfort and confidence by being the first person to come to our help, to assure us he would not leave us until we were safely onboard the ambulance. Fetching a blanket from my car and providing assurance that he would ensure our car would be safe if it had to remain overnight.

Another worry dealt with!

My wife at this stage was now very frightened and shivering with cold and shock

Next, the unnamed heroes of my story.

The young man who stopped, asked if the ambulance had been called, and recognising that was not an easy road to find, assured us that he would stand at the junction with the main road and direct the ambulance to us as it approached.

This he did, regardless of his plan for his day, regardless of other responsibilities he might have had. He stayed at that junction for the 40 minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive and only then having satisfied himself that we were in safe hands, did he leave his post: Thank You So Much

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Then the three heroes from the Fire Station.

They came with urgency in their step and “can we help?” They reassured my wife. They brought confidence that they had the skill and experience to ensure all that should be done, was done, as we awaited the ambulance, and when it seemed to be taking forever said “we will contact our fire control centre to see if they can speed up the urgent medical help” that the ambulance would bring.

Thanks, lads you did your Station Proud.

Finally, to the many who asked as they passed by my wife laying in the road “is there anything we can do?”

Thank you!

My wife had not fractured her hip as first suspected, but had a double fracture of her pubic bone, very painful. It restricts her movement and requires physiotherapy and rehabilitation care with a likely 6-week recovery period

To all of you that day, you have our gold medal for care and concern for someone in trouble.

Well Done

From Pauline and , two 78 year oldies who needed your help.

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  1. There are caring, compassionate people in life its just that everybody are too busy with their own lives to notice the good side of people, but, its only when events like yours take place that the good side of everyones nature sufaces and shines through. They are the unsung heroes that make life worth living without their help what would life be like.
    Well done to all those kind people….

  2. Barrie was very nice to meet you, I hope you good lady is feeling better too – glad you had a good experience at the hospital in Beverley too it is a great facility

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