Lizzie Braysmith’s Patterns Are Catching The Eyes Of The Scottish

Lizzie Braysmith's Patterns Are Catching The Eyes Of The Scottish

An Art student from Beverley is starting to make her way in the fashion world after a project as part of her college course saw her put her work onto a T-shirt.

Lizzie Braysmith is only 19 has just finished her course at Park Street College in Hull. During her time there Lizzie started an Art Movement, and the type of work they created became patterned based.

In an attempt to make her art more accessible Lizzie put one of her designs onto a T-Shirt and canvas bags. Now the tallented youngster has her own fashion brand called Brayarte.

While away in Glasgow Lizzie showed one of her creations to a specialist boutique called Justine’s who have subsequently placed an order;

Lizzie told .net;

“I take a couple of shirts everywhere I go as you never know who you will meet. I got talking with the owner of a shop and showed her my work, and she took them off me there and then.”

“A short while later they got back in touch and placed an order with me, it was such an great feeling, I was ecstatic.”

“The idea of going back seeing someone walking around Glasgow in one of my T-Shirt’s is just unbelievable, can you imagine!”

Making her T-Shirts is long process and requires lots of skill, since she has now left college Lizzie has to find a way to produce her garments in house, she said;

“A big goal for me is to have my own studio, so I can produce the orders as I get them but there is a lot of cost in this as you need lots of equipment.”

Handmade the detail in the work is simply amazing and her designs can also be found on cards she makes, Lizzie added;

“I have also produce hand crafted gift cards with my patterns on. These are not printed on the card they are all drawn on. At the moment, I do not have an outlet for them Beverley but I am working on it.”

Most of Lizzie’s orders currently come through friends and from the college, but the orders are coming.

Just two months into her venture things seem to be going in the right direction and the name Lizzie Braysmith and the fashion label Brayarte look like they are here to stay.

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