MP & Councillors Meet Members of The Community

On the afternoon of Friday 9th September Councillors , and were joined by on the Swinemoor Estate.

Vicky Bolton from the Local Action Team also attended with a representative from EastRiding of Yorkshire Council Housing and Tenant participation.

This event generated a great deal of interest and by design or luck also enabled us to engage with the school run from Swinemoor and St John’s.

Topics discussed ranged from housing, benefits, education and facilities on the estate to the CSA, and once again dog fouling. All in all a great deal of information was gathered and a meeting to discuss how to address these enquiries and points raised will take place before the end of the month.

A worthwhile event, we think so and the residents we encountered were happy to see us again in the community seeking their opinions.

The finale was a brief pit stop in The Humber Keel, they’re aren’t many that sit in the community like this one and we discussed many and varied issues with the locals before we headed home.

Will this happen again?

Yes and if you wish us to bring different Council Officers then please get in touch and let them know.

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