Residents Turn Up Pressure On Parish Council

Around a 150 residents from the Parish of Molescroft attended a council meeting last night at the Molescroft Pavilion as to raise their concerns and voice the objections to two proposed developments in the north of .

Cllr did his best to answer the questions put to him by residents while also stressing that the council would not and could not make any decisions until a planning application was submitted by the developer Lindon Homes.

It is believed around a 164 house are being earmarked for the strip of land that runs between Molescroft Grange and which has angered a section of the community.

Cllr also pointed out although there were lots of residents at the meeting voicing their concerns the council was responsible for 6000 within Molescroft.

It is thought that an official planning application will be submitted by Lindon Homes in the coming weeks at which point would have more of an idea as to the plans of the developer.

Cllr also urged residents who were opposed to the development to prepare their augments well and to collect all the evidence needed to support their reasons.

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who is Chair of the North Action Group, whom are opposed to the is putting in place a dedicated web site to help residents come together and fight the plans.

Also at the meeting were East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors and who will ultimately be the who represent the residents of Molescroft during what will no doubt be a colourful time.

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  1. Just because we were unable to attend the Molescroft Parish Council Meeting does NOT mean we are not concerned about the proposed developments to the north of Beverley and Mr Hildyard must realise that. Are we being fairly represented? I wonder.

    The schools are full, the roads are full, there will be an enormous amount of extra traffic and the character of Molescroft will be ruined by allowing these developments on green field/agricultural land.

  2. Love the fact people living in house that only a few decades ago were green fields are now complaining about houses being built on green fields! Hypocritical NIMBYs.

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