Halloween Follow the Haunters Code

Police in the East Riding are committed to making sure ‘little haunters’ are kept safe this and have been working closely with retailers, schools and Neighbourhood Watch Groups giving out personal safety advice on how to have a safe and fun .

Posters have been given out to residents who do not want to be disturbed by callers this year, which can be displayed in a prominent position by their front door. ‘No Calling areas’ have also been set up to reduce and protect the elderly and vulnerable.

A second poster has been designed and distributed by local police officers, putting them up in shop windows, leisure centres and play centres for young people to look at; providing lots of personal safety advice this .

Neighbourhood Inspector Phil Hinch from South and Mid Holderness said: “Once again we have been working closely with the Fire Service, East Riding Council, Neighbourhood Watch Groups and schools to ensure we are able to protect the elderly and the vulnerable, protect unsupervised children and reduce trick or treat vandalism.

“Additional police patrols will be running each evening leading up to , dedicated to addressing youths causing annoyance.

“The additional patrols are out and about everywhere to ensure people’s quality of life is not affected and will carry on until after Bonfire night.

“We have already visited retailers of eggs and flour to discourage sales to children and young people over this period and we want a very strong message to be heard to the minority of young people tempted to take part in this kind of activity, don’t do it. Anti-social behaviour is taken very seriously by the police and what you might deem a little bit of mischief is someone’s misery and you could even be given a criminal record for it.

“The responsibility for these children also applies to parents, shop-keepers and supermarket staff, who have been visited by their local officers.

“As always, I must stress that anti-social behaviour problems are usually caused by only a minority of young people and it is this minority who we are targeting.

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“The distress and misery caused by anti social behaviour and minor damage around Mischief Night can be traumatic for those targeted and very often the most vulnerable people in our communities are the victims. We are committed to making sure Halloween is trouble free this year . ”

Local officers have put together the following advice for ‘little haunters’ this year to stay safe:

Are you a safe trick or treater?

Don’t knock on doors where there is a sign saying ‘ No Trick or Treat here’
Stay in areas that are well lit with streetlights – take a torch with you just in case.
Always go trick or treating with an adult.
Always look carefully before crossing the road, even if you’re part of a group.
Don’t enter any house, stay on the doorstep.
Don’t talk to strangers on the street
Stay with your friends. Don’t split into smaller groups unless an adult goes with you.
Only go to houses where you or your friends know the residents.
Although Halloween is supposed to be spooky, be careful not to frighten elderly people.

If you are suffering as a result of Halloween anti-social behaviour, you can expect your local and the council to treat the problem seriously.

Please ring on 0845 60 60 222, if you are effected by anti-social behaviour in your area.

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