Beverley: Road Safety Checks

Drivers in have been given safety advice and had their vehicles checked to make sure they are safe, road-legal and properly taxed.

Stop-checks were made on cars at Norwood in on Wednesday, 1 September, to help keep everyone on the East Riding’s roads as safe as possible.

Councillor , portfolio holder for highways and emergency planning, said: “Reducing the number of killed and seriously injured on our roads is a priority for this council and multi-agency events like this are key to achieving this.

“The number of caught without seat belts at this event is concerning.  I would urge everyone on the road to use seat belts to help protect their own lives and the lives of those travelling with them.”

Officers from the council, the Vehicle and Operators Service Agency , HM Revenue and Customs and joined forces to stop private and commercial vehicles to make a variety of checks. Up to 200 vehicles were stopped and inspected as part of the multi-agency operation.

Of the vehicles stopped, a number were found to be committing offences. These included 38 who were found not to be wearing seat belts, four using mobile phones and two writing while driving.

One vehicle was found using red diesel, one with an altered number plate and eight with defects. Further investigations will be made by the council’s on five potentially illegal traders and the council will also investigate one illegal waste carrier.

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, head of Streetscene services at , said:

“A huge range of and agencies work together to keep drivers safe and protect the local environment.

“We will carry on holding these events and our message to those driving illegally in any way is that there is a good chance of them being caught.”

Sergeant Chris Hood, from Humberside Road Section said:

“This operation aims to make the roads safer for motorists and the wider members of the community. Together with other partner agencies are determined to ensure drivers follow road legislation and use road worthy vehicles, while at the same time clamping down on criminality.”

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