5 Extra Services You (Can) Get If You Choose the Right Antivirus Software

5 Extra Services You (Can) Get If You Choose the Right Antivirus Software
5 Extra Services You (Can) Get If You Choose the Right Antivirus Software

Regardless of what you do online, you need an antivirus. Without it, you’re exposed to phishing, scam sites, suspicious downloads, and much worse. Even if you don’t want to pay for antivirus, you still need to consider using a free version.

This basic version offers a lot, but it usually doesn’t unlock all the extra features, some of which could be very helpful. Here are five extra services that you might get if you choose a premium version of the right antivirus software. 



A good VPN can be included in your antivirus deal. This is a huge relief for people who are on the fence about whether they should buy a VPN. After all, they already need an antivirus, and if a VPN is included in the deal, this could make decision-making (and a decision to buy premium) a lot easier than before.

Even thematically, this makes sense. The basic role of a VPN is to keep you safe online, and this is something that your antivirus software promises to do as well. 

After all, a VPN will help you conceal your IP online. If you don’t use a VPN, your antivirus may warn you that hackers know your IP. It may even display your IP in a pop-up just to show you how serious the situation is. At the same time, this is also a great pitch for these antiviruses so that they can convince you to go with a premium version. 

The best part is that you don’t really have to make a compromise. These tools offer great virus detection while simultaneously giving you what you want in terms of VPN services. In other words, you’re not just shopping for a single software but for a complex combination, so keep both your eyes open. 

Real-time threat detection

Scanning known threats is one of the most iconic uses of an antivirus. You start a scan and wait for it to be complete. When it’s done, it notifies you of all the viruses, malware, and potentially even cookies on your device. It sometimes also informs you about the apps that are slowing you down, broken registries, and everything else.

However, while this is the most recognizable use of an antivirus, it’s by no means the most important one. No, that role goes to real-time threat detection. This way, you will continuously monitor your system for suspicious activities.

What does this look like? 

Well, have you ever tried to start an app or initiate an installation only to be immediately stopped by your antivirus and informed that the threat has been removed (or quarantined)? This way, your system was immediately protected, and you would be notified before you repeated the mistake.

What does this mistake look like?

Well, you convince yourself that you actually know more than the program, so you pause it for 30 minutes or add the file in question to the exceptions list. From here, your device usually gets into a lot of trouble, and you have no one else to blame. 

Web protection and email security

Your online activity is one of the most common ways you spend time on the internet, and it’s definitely where you need the most protection. A good antivirus can give you just that. 

First of all, you get web protection, which means that your antivirus might detect any phishing attempts and prevent any unsafe downloads.

Phishing is a huge hazard, and preventing it manually is so inconvenient. Just think about it: you know that you have to hover over every link and read carefully for spelling discrepancies and anything suspicious, but, at the same time, are you really going to do that? No one has enough time and patience to do this every single time, yet phishing protection is one of the key components of a good cybersecurity system. 

In 2024, the only chance your device will actually get a virus is if you download and install a dangerous file from the Internet. Now, these are the files that you don’t even want to have on your device. You know what they are, but another user of your device (a roommate or a family member) might not. It’s safer just to prevent this altogether. 

With the right web protection and email security, you can have a much safer online experience. 

Parental controls

Keeping an eye on what your kids are watching online is more important than ever. There are more devices in your home than ever before, and there’s more dangerous content than ever online. On top of it all, your kids are much more tech-savvy than you were at their age (they might even be more tech-savvy than you are today). 

All of this creates a perfect storm of horrible exposure of their suggestable open minds to all the horrors of the digital world. 

Thankfully, with some antivirus software, you actually get parental control capabilities. This means that you can display some soft control (just monitoring their activity in the digital environment) or just hard-ban them from accessing certain apps or websites (and website types) altogether.

On top of this, you can also limit their screen time, which can be quite helpful in establishing their daily routine or limiting their exposure to digital media. 

Sure, this might not be the reason why you get this software but it is a huge plus. 

Password manager

A lot of antivirus software can also act as password managers. Everyone needs a password manager in 2024; a lot of people don’t know it yet.

In the era before social networks, using personal information as a source of passwords wasn’t as dangerous. Now, everyone who follows you on Instagram knows when your birthday and anniversary are, what the name of your childhood pet is, and what your favorite dish is. This means that meaningful passwords are now a huge liability risk.

Coming up with a random password is difficult, and you need a unique one for every platform you use. This means that you have to come up with dozens of passwords and memorize them all. Not only that, but passwords aren’t forever. In order to stay safe, you have to change these passwords every 60-90 days. 

All of this is a lot easier when you use the right password manager. 

With this software, you can securely store, generate, and manage your passwords over different accounts. This gives you all you need to elevate your personal cybersecurity to a whole new level. The best part is that this solution is scalable. With more and more passwords and accounts (and the number is always increasing), the need for this password manager will only go up. 

Each of these extra services can make a world of difference

One of the most important things you need to understand about these extra services is that you don’t have to get them from your antivirus. This means that it’s not a deal-breaker even if they aren’t included. However, if you get them in a bundle, you’re getting more value for your money, and you’re making things a lot easier to handle.

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