Have Your Say On New Proposed Town Entry Signs For Beverley

Have Your Say On New Proposed Town Entry Signs For Beverley
Have Your Say On New Proposed Town Entry Signs For Beverley

A new town entry sign is being developed by Beverley Town Council and they want your input.

Several places have bespoke entry signs that illustrate something about the town or village where they are located.  Several city landmarks are depicted in abstract designs in these murals, which have been funded by Hull City Council in recent years.

Beverley Town Council wanted an innovative design, which reflected the heritage of the town, for entry signs designed to help promote the town.  East Riding College design students were approached after considering a number of options.

A spokesperson for the Town Council said: 

“We thought this would be an excellent real-life project for students to be involved with. Young people are the future of our town and as we want these new entry signs to be around for many years, we thought it was important for them to be involved.  We have been working with two in particular, Ashley and Ellis, who have come up with a wonderful concept that is unique, modern and also respectful of Beverley’s heritage.”

In the initial concept, the town’s key locations are represented by fragments of stained-glass windows. The images depict Beverley Minster, Beck, Westwood/Black Mill, Racecourse, , , North Bar and East Riding College/, as well as the town’s built heritage, natural surroundings and retail offerings.  

It is intended to have a specific colour palette for each segment, despite the current full-colour draft design.  As an example, the section featuring Beverley Beck will feature a variety of shades of blue, while the section showing the Minster will use a variety of yellow hues to emphasize different aspects of the image.  St. Mary’s Church and the Minster are both known for their stained-glass windows, and the students hope that their designs will set the signs apart from other towns and villages.

A high-resolution image will be printed onto appropriate, durable material, and then cut into the arched shape of the design, but the actual stained glass isn’t used.

But before any further development can take place, Beverley Town Council would like to hear your thoughts.  The students have created a short online survey which you can take a few minutes to complete.  You will be able to tell the council what you think of their design and how it can be improved.

Click here to access the survey.

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