East Yorkshire Will Host Festival of Angels In Beverley Church

East Yorkshire Will Host Festival of Angels In Beverley Church
East Yorkshire Will Host Festival of Angels In Church

St Mary’s Church in the East Yorkshire Market town, Beverley, will host a Festival of Angels.

It will take place from Sunday, 11 December 2022 to Saturday, 14 January 2023, featuring enormous shining angels amid ethereal light and sound.

Designed by 3D artist Anne-Marie Kerr, the figures depict seven Angels, including Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel, made from willow and tissue. Music will accompany them as they are bathed in light. 

The stunning and beautiful St Mary’s Church stands at the north end of Beverley’s historic marketplace.

Funding for of Angels was provided by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. This incredible spectacle was delivered in one of the East Riding’s most iconic settings thanks to the support of the .

Visitors will be welcomed by the Angels and volunteers at St Mary’s between Sunday and mid-January, and residents are encouraged to take advantage of what Beverley has to offer and visit St Mary’s while they’re here.

Revd Becky Lumley, the vicar of St Mary’s, said:

“The festival is here to bring joy and light to Beverley and all who visit this Advent and Christmas time. The angels are a symbol of hope for the future; they’re here for anyone in the centre of Beverley to come in and take a few minutes to wonder.”

Between the 12th and 23rd, there will be special sessions from 4pm to 7pm with refreshments and activities for children. It will also happen again between the 27 and the 31 December.

The church is also open from 11am to 3pm from Monday to Saturday.

Becky added:

“The best times to visit will be as darkness falls so that the lights will really shine, and leave visitors with a sense of awe!”

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