Warm Spaces Open Doors In The City’s First Council-Backed Initiative

Warm Spaces Open Doors In The City's First Council-Backed Initiative
Warm Spaces Open Doors In The City’s First Council-Backed Initiative

Warm spaces are to open their doors in Hull for the first time. ’s Jubilee Church, libraries, St Michael’s Youth Project, and Freedom Centre’s Community Trust will all be used as venues.

A warm space is a building where people are welcome to spend time and enjoy some company for free – some offer warm drinks as well.

There are safeguarding policies in place at all council-supported spaces, as well as a charter focusing on mutual respect and safety.

Warm spaces, which was launched earlier this month, is expected to attract many more charities, faith groups and residents’ associations.

Warm space plans can be implemented with the help of funding, and applications can be submitted online quickly and easily.

Additional warm spaces, including churches and community centres, are already operational throughout the city.

Cllr Ross, leader of , said:

“It is horrifying that in the 21st century we are even having to consider schemes like ‘warm spaces’. In this day and age, everyone should be able to stay warm in their own home.

“But sadly, the cost of living crisis means the creation of council-supported warm spaces has to be part of our action plan.

“This is a national crisis and only national action will solve it. But locally we are determined to do what we can to help people through it wherever we can.

“We have worked quickly and closely with groups in the voluntary, community and business communities to ensure that people across the city have a warm space to turn to.

“The council and other organisations have worked collaboratively to ensure warm spaces are safe, welcoming and inclusive. With the first wave opening on Monday, our next priority is encouraging more organisations and businesses to come forward, so we can ensure a range of provisions throughout the city.

“My thanks go to all those who have stepped up and are willing to be part of the scheme”.

On the council website soon, an interactive map showing all warm spaces around the city will be available to view in real-time.

Monday will also see the launch of the Winter Warmth Community Grants scheme, facilitated by the voluntary sector organisation Forum and supported by Hull City Council.

The grants are open to charities, faith groups, and residents’ associations. Grants are available from £1,000 to £10,000 to support residents in staying warm and well over the winter, through the end of March 2023.

Projects such as warm clothing banks, warm spaces venues, and funding for slow cookers and electric blankets are appropriate.

Hull City Council funds warm spaces through a community grants program funded by donations from local companies. Fortem, an energy-saving systems integrator, donated £50,000, while Efficiency North donated £33,000. 

You can register as a warm space here: Hull City Council – Warm Spaces

For more information or to apply, contact Jane Thompson at jane.thompson@nbforum.org.uk. The deadline for applications is November 14.  

For any donations or other support your business can provide, please contact: business.engagement@hullcc.gov.uk.

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