Master Craftsman Downs Tools After Three Decades At Beverley Minster

Master Craftsman Downs Tools After Three Decades At Beverley Minster
Master Craftsman Downs Tools After Three Decades At Minster

Master craftsman Steve Rial who has spent almost 33 years looking after the most iconic East Yorkshire landmark, Beverley Minster has downed tools for the final time.

His work has ensured that a building loved by so many has been maintained for generations to come. 

His final job before he slipped off quietly into retirement was to help lay some paving stones at the Higategate entrance.

Rev Canon Jonathan Baker has been at Beverley for five years and is the last of a number of clergies Steve has been associated with. In that time he has come to know Steve well.

Commenting on Steve’s retirement he said:

“Steve is professional, dedicated to the job and cheerful. He always has a smile on his face and also always wants to know how you are doing.”

“One of the great things about him is that he is always positive. Steve is also enormously helpful and ready to lend a hand. We are going to miss him in all sorts of ways.”

“We shall miss Steve but there is always a welcome on the mat. No doubt he will need a bit of clear water as he settles into retirement but I am quite sure we have not seen the last of him.”

Steve with Martin Needler Former chairman of the Beverley Minster Old Fund

A Real Master Craftsman

Martin Needler Former chairman of the Beverley Minster Old Fund. This was a role he held for sixteen years. Throughout that time he was Steve’s boss.

He said:

“Steve is full of life for the Minster. He thoroughly enjoyed coming to work every day and the skills he applied were second to none.”

“I understand what the work on historic buildings is like he thoroughly appreciated what he could do and how he could do it.”

“This was particularly true in areas where artisans are not very readily available today.”

“Whether he was dealing with the clear glass in the Minster or all the work on the led roofs and things he was so much of an expert. A real master craftsman.”

Steve understandably was quite emotional bringing an end to a career that spanned over three decades. Summing up his time at Beverley Minster he said:

“Most of all I will miss the comradeship and my work colleagues, that will hit me really hard.”

“I will really miss doing the projects. My mind is willing but my body is worn out. My knees are shot and my back has gone. I’m short and stumpy, I used to be six foot three but now I am only five foot four and round like an Oompa Loompa.”

“Whenever I pass this magnificent building I definitely have a sense of pride. Where ever I go I always mention Beverley Minster. I think I have been the biggest PR officer for Beverley Minster that has ever been here.”

Steve Plans To Write Book About Time At Beverley Minster

Steve said he would not hesitate to help if he got the call and they needed his expertise. However for now he plans to focus on new projects in his retirement.

He said:

“I will be doing jobs around the house, I will also be helping my son with his website Road Racing News.  Also, I am going to write a book about my time working at the Minster, so that is going to be a big job for me.”

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everybody I have worked with, those that are still with us and those who are not with us. Thank you all very much for putting up with me.”

 “See Ya Later.”

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