Fund Set Up To Help Groups Support Struggling Families

Fund Set Up To Help Groups Support Struggling Families
Fund Set Up To Help Groups Support Struggling Families

Groups like the in Beverley, East Yorkshire could benefit from a new fund being set up to help struggling families.

In response to the cost of living crisis in North and East Yorkshire, Two Ridings has launched a cost of living crisis fund. 

Over £210,000 has already been pledged but more donations are needed to make the biggest difference to local residents suffering from spiralling costs of living.

The Chief Executive of , Jan Garrill, said:

“This fund is being set up to support the work groups like the Cherry Tree Centre in Beverley are doing. It is organisations like them across the two ridings who are there for people at this critical time.”

“Things are so bad that food parcels are being issued to local families that require no energy to make. Figures show that by the end of the year a third of all homes in the UK will be in fuel poverty.”   

Throughout the region, local community organisations are working tirelessly to help the most vulnerable.

Grants will be made to groups that provide practical, financial, and emotional support for people struggling with bills, their day-to-day existence, and their loved one’s well-being. 

Furthermore, the fund will help these charities cope with the impact of the cost of living on their own costs. This will enable them to continue providing crucial support.  

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People across the region have already donated, ranging from £20 to a £20k pledge from a prominent Yorkshire businessman. Through Gift Aid, Two Ridings can also claim an additional 25% on top of donations made through them.

A spokesperson for the Cherry Tree Centre said:

“This is another example of the excellent work the Two Ridings Community Foundation are doing. Yet again they are stepping up to help people who are struggling in our communities.” 

“The crisis many families are facing in the area is both real and also staggering. Being able to access some of this fund will go a long way.”

Local groups are certainly worried about the coming months. They say people are already choosing between heating and eating. 

While the government has announced a plan to help households, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says this is not enough.

Donations can be made to the fund online by clicking here.

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