5 Ways To Keep Your iPhone Safe And Secure

5 Ways To Keep Your iPhone Safe And Secure
5 Ways To Keep Your iPhone Safe And Secure

iPhones don’t come cheap, and the cost of someone hacking your data can be even bigger. iPhones generally have a good reputation in the tech security stakes.

According to one 2019 study, though, iPhone users are 167 times more likely to get hacked than users of other brands of phone.

Because they cost upwards of £1,000, many iPhone handsets are popular targets for thieves. The last thing that anybody wants is for their phone to be stolen or hacked, but how can you keep yours safe?

1: Use Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is a hugely helpful way to keep your phone safe. You simply add the Find My app to your phone and link it to your Apple ID.

Once it’s set up, you have access to lots of helpful features. See the location of your phone when it’s switched on.

Mark your phone as lost, turning off features like Apple Pay and displaying an activation message that makes the phone impossible to sell. And you can even delete all the data from your device so that the thief can’t steal it.

2: Keep your iPhone up to date

iOS updates include patches and bug fixes that will help to keep your phone more secure. It means that you need to be sure not to fall behind on accepting those all-important updates. Letting them go uninstalled will leave your device more vulnerable to hackers and other online threats. So be sure to schedule updates – don’t keep putting them off!

3: Get a VPN

Getting a VPN for your iPhone is a great way to keep your data secure. VPNs will encrypt your data and keep it hidden. They also block websites that may carry viruses or pose a threat to your device. They can prevent your iPhone from getting infected by harmful viruses or malware, and keeping safe wherever you surf.

4: Proper passwords

Make sure to create strong and unique passwords across your iPhone and Apple services. One of the most important is your iCloud account, as this is often the account that hackers will try to compromise. If you want to go the extra mile, use extremely long and complex passwords. Then, keep them in a password manager so that you have them to hand.

5: Backup your data

Backups let you create a snapshot of your phone’s data at a single moment. This means that files, apps and other information are ready and waiting to be re-uploaded in the event that your phone is compromised by a virus. All you need to do is reset your phone, remove the virus and restore your backup.

With the tips above, you should be able to keep your phone safe from hackers, viruses and thieves. Do you have any extra tips for the list? Let us know what they are in the comments section.

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