Road Users Urged To Leave More Time Due To Humber Bridge Maintenance

Road Users Urged To Leave More Time Due To Humber Bridge Maintenance
Road Users Urged To Leave More Time Due To Maintenance

For those planning to travel across the Humber Bridge on May 7th and 8th, additional travel time is advised because vital maintenance is scheduled.

As part of the work to resurface the southbound carriageway, a contraflow will be in place between 6pm on Saturday 7 May and midmorning on Sunday 8 May when the work is scheduled to be completed. Beginning at Hessle Tower, the contraflow will proceed south to Barton anchorage. 

To minimize the impact on traffic, tag lanes will remain open throughout the work.

Andrew Arundel, Chief Operating Officer at the Humber Bridge, said:

 “The Bridge is more than 40 years old now and therefore needs to be regularly maintained to ensure it is kept in safe, working order.

“We recognise that works on the bridge cause disruption to road users and this is why we are carrying out this work at night on a weekend to minimise the impact. 

“We are also keeping the tag lanes open to ensure access to the bridge isn’t restricted.

“But even with those measures in place, the contraflow will see traffic move more slowly across the bridge than usual, so those who cannot avoid travelling should allow extra time for their journey.”

Despite the fact that the work is scheduled to begin from 6pm on Saturday, May 7th, maintenance work on the Humber Bridge is weather dependent, so there is a very small possibility that it may need to be cancelled at short notice and rescheduled.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the latest information on maintenance, as well as all other news and announcements, please check the Humber Bridge’s social media channels or website regularly.

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