Going Dutch: Can ‘Three In A Boat’ Win?

Going Dutch: Can 'Three In A Boat' Win?
Going Dutch: Can ‘Three In A Boat’ Win?

An international competition has shortlisted Hull’s maritime living statues to compete against others from around the world.

Hull City Council and the Heritage Fund have selected three of the living statues created for Hull Maritime, the £30 million project being funded by Hull City Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to compete in the World Living Statues Festival, World Championship on 16 October 2022 in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

In their performance, ‘Three in the Boat’ will compete with stiff competition from all over the world in the streets and alleyways.

It is apt that the trio has chosen to name their act “Three in a Boat” as homage to some of the industries which played a major role in Hull’s rich maritime history – and the generations who have worked in many of these industries throughout Hull’s history.

The Docker will be performed by Andy Train, better known for his alter ego “The Gold Man”. Bella and Tom, who play “The Trawlerman” and “The Whaler”, will also perform as their characters.

“This is the first time I’ve been part of a team effort like this,” Andy said. “We were part of Hull Kraken, The Awakening, and welcomed the League World Cup to the city recently. We are all experienced living statue performers and very proud to be representing the UK.”

Maritime Director at Hull City Council, Gillian Osgerby, said: “Hull Maritime is looking for an engaging way of raising awareness of the project and the diverse themes woven into the city’s maritime story, and these characters are perfect.”.

“We have seen the fantastic response from the public at previous events and are delighted that the Three in a Boat characters have been selected for the World Championships.

“The three maritime characters are putting the city on the international map in a bid to become World Living Statues winners and we couldn’t be prouder. We wish them success and hope they will bring Hull trophies and success.”

Funding for Hull Maritime comes from Hull City Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund. A total of five historic sites in Hull city centre are set to be refurbished: the Grade II* and Dock Office Chambers, a new visitor attraction at the North End Shipyard, and two historic vessels to be restored, the Arctic Corsair and Spurn Lightship.

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