Two Talks To Accompany ‘Reflections Of Japan In East Yorkshire’ At Beverley Art Gallery

Two Talks To Accompany ‘Reflections Of Japan In East Yorkshire’ At Beverley Art Gallery
Two Talks To Accompany ‘Reflections Of In East Yorkshire’ At

To accompany the new exhibition at Beverley Art Gallery, ‘Reflections of Japan in East Yorkshire’, there will be two talks in November.

One of the main contributors to the exhibition, Jane Irisa, will be giving a free talk about traditional Japanese Toys on Saturday, 13 November from 1.30pm-2.30pm in the Education Room in The in Champney Road in Beverley.

This will be a great opportunity to hear about this unique and substantial collection – over and above what’s on display in the exhibition. The toys are charming objects with many layers of interpretation, and Jane has specialist knowledge about their meaning, who they are intended for, and when and how they are used within Japanese culture.

This talk will be an exciting way to find out more about this fascinating nation.

Laura Boswell, whose works are on show and on sale in the exhibition, will give an online talk and demonstration on Japanese Woodblock Print Making on Thursday, 18 November from 7pm-9pm on Zoom.

Laura is a very successful and popular printmaker, an expert in Japanese woodblock printing. This event will be a chance to see her in her studio, demonstrating the fascinating and beautiful technique of woodblock printing.

Laura is also very knowledgeable about its and its place in the context of Japanese art and culture.

The talk will beautifully enhance visitors’ enjoyment of the ‘Reflections of Japan’ exhibition.

Booking in advance is advised. Visit for full details, and to book online.

For those unable to book online, email your phone number to to be called back.

Limited tickets are available at the Treasure House, first-floor Museums Reception in the Red Gallery for those who are not online.

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