CADEY Aims For A Defibrillator In Every Local Rural Community

CADEY Aims For A Defibrillator In Every Local Rural Community
CADEY Aims For A Defibrillator In Every Local Rural Community

The CADEY Committee, accompanied by their generous funders Esh Construction and Humber Aid have made a whistle-stop tour of and Holderness to pay visits to the life-saving public access defibrillators installed over the summer.

CADEY’s campaign objective is to achieve full coverage and better awareness of publicly accessible defibrillators in the rural communities of Beverley and Holderness and great progress has been made since Graham Stuart MP founded the campaign.

From 62 communities it is now down to 20. The last push is underway to cover these final outlying areas and CADEY is delighted that further corporate funders are coming forward to help with the remaining costs.

Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, and founder and Chairman of the CADEY campaign commented;

“It really was a celebration of local communities in my constituency going out of their way to make sure there is a life-saving defibrillator nearby. And my deepest thanks go to Esh Construction and Humber Aid for partnering with CADEY to donate so generously.”

“I think there’s more to do to get the message out there that most Sudden Cardiac Arrests are likely to take place outside hospitals, many in ’s front rooms and kitchens. And a patient’s chance of survival drops by 10% for every minute defibrillation is delayed.”

“That’s why it’s so important that CADEY, its generous funding partners, The Smile Foundation and Yorkshire Ambulance Service are working closely to make sure when a defibrillator is needed, there will be one. We started off needing more than 60 in rural areas in my constituency and now we’re down to 20.”

“The final push should see them covered too.”

One of the sites visited was in Woodmansey. Here they went to Manor Farm Camping, which is a previous winner of a Camping and Caravan Club Small site award.

Owner Catherine Barker said;

“It’s great to welcome the CADEY Committee to Manor Farm Camping to show them the defib’s central location on the campsite where it can easily be reached by everyone.”

“I’d like to thank CADEY’s funders Esh Construction and Humber Aid for being so kind and paying for it to be here.”

Warren Bostock, Community Defibrillation Officer for Yorkshire Ambulance Service and CADEY Committee member added;

“Yorkshire Ambulance Service really appreciates the support of CADEY to potentially save lives by providing defibs to rural communities where there are gaps in coverage.”

“To complement the provision of defibrillators YAS offers free online familiarisation sessions and they can be found on the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Facebook page.”

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