Hull Vehicle Branding Firm Teams Up With University To Kit Out Eco-Friendly Transport

Hull Vehicle Branding Firm Teams Up With University To Kit Out Eco-Friendly Transport
Hull Vehicle Branding Firm Teams Up With University To Kit Out Eco-Friendly Transport

A new bike hire hub ready to loan out more than 60 refurbished bikes to students has opened on campus.

The eye-catching fleet has been branded in bright purple by Hull-based vehicle livery and decal firm Brandfixx, who spent just a day-and-a-half kitting out the bikes to make sure they look the part while being ridden around the city, as well as ensuring they are easy to spot during the dark winter nights.

The new scheme, run in a collaboration between local charity R-evolution and the University of Hull, is designed to encourage students to use pedal power while commuting to the Cottingham Road campus, providing both physical and mental benefits during their stay at university. It will also generate a lesser reliance on cars as users will be able to make use of the city’s upgraded cycle lane network.

Greg Saunderson, Brandfixx managing director, said: “Since we launched Brandfixx, we have been lucky enough to work with a range of businesses to translate our innovative approach onto vehicles of all shapes and sizes. What is special about our service is that, not only is it quicker and more time-efficient than traditional wrap alternatives, we can also fit our decals accurately to within a millimetre. This means that any vehicle – regardless of how many wheels it has – can get the Brandfixx treatment.

“Brandfixx exists to solve problems, whatever size and shape they may come in. Our fitters loved working on the R-evolution project at the University of Hull and being given the opportunity to bring about real change for the many students who descend on the city every year.”

John Marshall, CEO of Cottingham-based charity R-evolution, said: “Brandfixx has given our newly-refurbished fleet of University of Hull loan bikes a fresh lease of life in addition to making them eye-catching, easily recognisable and brighter at night.

“The branded decals look very professional and not only look great but also provide an important safety feature for the upcoming winter months. The team worked tirelessly over a day and a half to wrap over 60 bikes and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work to bring the wonderful final touches to the Bike Hub.”

Phoebe Bastiani, President of the Hull University Students’ Union, said: “The Hull University Students’ Union worked with R-evolution back in 2019, providing low-cost bikes for students.

“We are so pleased to see that this partnership with the University has developed further. The new bike hire hub will enable students to travel to and from campus in a sustainable way, as well as explore Hull and see everything this wonderful city has to offer.

“In 2019, we formally recognised and declared that we are living in a climate emergency. Since then, we have been taking the necessary steps to act, and as part of my manifesto as President, I have been working on securing more biodiversity on campus, tackling food waste and improving .”

Brandfixx’s process uses a modular technique, designed, manufactured and fitted to suit every type of vehicle. The firm, based in Hull’s Rotterdam Road, offers a transformative approach to the vehicle branding sector which includes carbon-saving benefits, as well as savings in time and cost when compared to traditional vehicle wraps.

Their radical approach to issues around vehicle branding has already seen them win significant clients across the UK, in the LGV, HGV and plant sectors.

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