How To Help Your Elders Feel More Comfortable And Included

How To Help Your Elders Feel More Comfortable And Included
How To Help Your Elders Feel More Comfortable And Included

If you look back on your life, you will see how your parents and grandparents have always put you and your comfort first. As they age, your elder loved ones go through many changes that affect their personality and their way of life.

Therefore, it is essential that you make their care and comfort your priority. Since age can sometimes affect a senior citizen’s mental capacity or make young people see them as out of touch, they tend to feel useless, which can lead to depression.

In fact, they have so much wisdom and experience that you should benefit from while they are still around. There are a few things that you need to do so your elderly loved ones can feel more comfortable and included, so keep reading to find out more.

Seek Their Advice

If you live with an elderly family member then you should make them feel included by seeking their advice and making them part of the decision-making process. Excluding them from the decisions, especially the ones that concern them, can affect their mental health and make them feel useless, unappreciated, and unable to make decisions for themselves.

For instance, you should consult them before making any decisions regarding their health, or take their opinion if you are going to make any changes in their room. You should also seek their advice on various things because whatever you are going through, they have probably lived through it themselves. You, your siblings, or your kids can ask them for advice about relationships, careers, or life in general. This will make them feel useful and prevent the risks of isolation and depression.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

It is important that your loved ones live in a home where they feel comfortable and can move around easily without injuring themselves. Your house may not be well-equipped to accommodate a senior citizen, especially if you live with kids as their toys are hazards. It is better that you find them a care home where they can be well taken care of and have all of their needs met.

According to the caregivers at aged care in Caboolture, senior citizens need to feel like they are at home and should be supported by a staff who is experienced and compassionate. There are homes that offer socializing, entertainment, and special care for people with certain diseases like dementia. Before you make a choice, you should go online, read reviews, pay them a visit, and meet the staff.

Make Them Feel Useful

The last thing your elderly parent needs to feel is that they are a burden or useless. You should make them feel that you don’t only need their help but actually appreciate it. You can do this by asking them to give you a hand with simple tasks around the house like folding the laundry, writing a grocery list, helping you shop for groceries, helping you prepare meals, or opening mail.

These are all small tasks that they can do without exerting much effort. Always make them feel that they did a great job and that you appreciate their help, but make sure that you don’t sound condescending. 

Be Interested In Them

It isn’t enough to just seek your elder loved one’s advice or make them feel useful, you should also show interest in them and what they have to say. So when they are telling you a story about the war or how things used to be back then, you should listen intently, react to what they are saying, and ask questions. Have a conversation with them rather than pretend to listen while waiting for the story to be over. You should also make it a habit to ask them about their day. Even if you don’t live together, you can do that on the phone.

Speak Louder

Age can take a toll on your elderly loved one’s hearing, even if they don’t admit it. When you talk to them, be sure to speak clearly and loudly but avoid shouting. It is also important to keep your tone calm and gentle. You should also avoid speaking too fast, mumbling, and keep your sentences clear and to the point. Be patient with them, and if they don’t understand what you are saying then try using different words and be more coherent. 

You should feel lucky that your elderly parents or grandparents are still around, and make the best out of the remaining time that you have with them. You should understand though that their mental and physical capacities have changed so treat them accordingly. Additionally, senior citizens become very sensitive as they age so try to be patient, respectable, and understanding. Last but not least, do your best to make them feel comfortable, useful, and included. 

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