Contemporary Art Installation At Sewerby Hall And Gardens Launched

Contemporary Art Installation At Sewerby Hall And Gardens Launched
Contemporary Art Installation At Sewerby Hall And Gardens Launched

Sewerby Hall and Gardens is proud to launch its newest contemporary art installation by artist Juliette Losq.

The commission is part of the East Riding Visual Art Uplift, a commitment to showcasing and integrating contemporary art into the region.

Following an extremely well-received open call for submissions, Juliette was selected, with her unique approach to immersive installations in the form of ‘Umbraculum’.

Visitors can immerse themselves in this layered paper-based installation which draws inspiration from the gardens and heritage of Sewerby Hall and Gardens. Juliette’s approach of watercolour and ink of paper captures the curiosity of viewers to explore the details hidden in the installation.

Juliette Losq said:

“Umbraculum is a large-scale, walkthrough, ink and watercolour on paper installation. Its layered form is inspired by the Telorama, or paper peepshow – an eighteenth and nineteenth-century optical device and parlour entertainment – whilst also referencing the pergola found in the gardens of Sewerby Hall. 

“The drawn and painted imagery imagines the gardens at a future stage of ruination, with their formal, cultivated structures being reclaimed by nature.”

Juliette is a British award-winning contemporary artist currently based in . Her work seeks to explore how we interact with the natural world, experimenting with complexity and scale.

Internationally recognised, her work can be found in leading collections including the Saatchi Collection, All Visual Arts London Collection, Newnham College Cambridge Collection, and Newhall Women’s Art Collection.

Janice Smith, the curator of Sewerby Hall and Gardens, said:

“We are delighted that Umbraculum will take its place at the venue this July, as visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the curiosity of this installation, especially with its details hidden in the work.

“We also advise that there are special private viewings of the installation for groups of six or two households accompanied by the curator on Wednesdays and Fridays and are ‘prior reservation’ only. You can book a tour at the Welcome Centre at Sewerby Hall and standard admission charges apply, with face coverings (unless exempt) required in the house.

“The piece is now unveiled at Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and there will be two free but limited-capacity artist talks scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 30 June and Friday, 2 July. You can book a place for an artist talk, or to take part in a special private viewing with the curator on a Wednesday or Friday, by calling the Welcome Centre at Sewerby Hall on (01262) 673769.”

Running alongside the live installation is a young person’s creative writing competition, for those aged up to 16, to respond creatively to the installation. The chosen piece will be awarded a framed print from the artist alongside a professionally printed version of their creative writing. All other entries will be featured online as responses to the artwork.

For more information about Sewerby Hall and Gardens, please visit

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